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  1. The update was working great for me until I rebooted, now I'm just getting a faint solid red and blue led and a solid green led, won't do anything else, can't connect over eth0. EDIT: ok i feel stupid now, reset all my dip switches and everything is good! Awesome update, thanks guys!
  2. J5x86

    2 things

    The second little usb is just an adapter for the sd card so you can plug it into your computer and load you files onto it before you put it into the ducky. Mine didn't come with a sticker either, not sure why.
  3. Straight otg, I will try out my tp link and other Alfa card tonight,I'll test with my nexus 7 as well
  4. What issues are you seeing? I have a nexus 5 and 7 on lollipop, updated nethunter on both. I was using my Alfa AWUS051NH earlier today on my nexus 5 and I had no problems.
  5. I was having trouble on 2.3 and the new 2.4 firmware. I have been using it no problems on a nexus 5 and 7 with nethunter though
  6. Thanks for the tip Barry, I will try that later and see if it works.
  7. No problem, I don't use the tp link much but I will look into tonight and see if I can get it working.
  8. I just tested my tp link and got the same results you did. The Alfa card works great though!
  9. Here https://youtu.be/ZDiByMQ7Wb8 This video shows how to set up and configure kismet on the pineapple, at the end he shows how to set the dip switch.
  10. You can run kismet on the pineapple, set the dip switches to start kismet when you power the pineapple on.
  11. Reading your post made me remember this device I came across months ago http://rufuslabs.com/ Would be cool to have something like this that could run Linux, maybe even Kali nethunter. Its almost a pip boy :D If you're looking to make something yourself, the nexus tablets or even a nexus 5/6 would probably work well and you can find them cheap used.
  12. A friend of mine ordered that kit and it came with both sets of antennas. The pineapple should always come with the smaller antennas, those are part of the pineapple no matter what kit you buy.
  13. That's interesting, I just turned on my MKv and did that same thing, I am able to connect and browse the internet until I start pineap, once I start pineap and try to get on the web it gives me page cannot load. it shows the pineapple is still in client mode and connected to the WiFi. I'll have to play around with it some more today, Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I haven't played with pineap or karma in a while
  14. If this is what you are talking about "Finally an improved wireless tethering system has been implemented, allowing one to share an Internet connection from a client device - such as a laptop or rooted smartphone. In this configuration a tertiary WiFi interface such as a USB ALFA radio is unnecessary - thus lowering overall power consumption and increasing run time for battery powered systems" Then you still need to connect a device such as a laptop, smartphone or mobile hotspot to your pineapples Ethernet port to provide internet while using PineAP, wlan1 will not do both.
  15. PineAP is using both wlan0 and wlan1 when active, you will need to connect another wireless card (wlan2) or connect your pineapple through the Ethernet if you want to provide internet to the pineapple when using PineAP.
  16. Have you been at all?
  17. Last year was my fist time, it was so packed, it was nearly impossible to get to any talks or the villages, I managed a few but mostly drank and just walked around, didn't know anyone because none of my friends are into that stuff. I know this year they got a bigger venue so hopefully it will be easier to participate. If anyone is interested we should plan something and meet up.
  18. Anyone planning on going to defcon this year?
  19. Have you tried social engineering toolkit it Kali? Makes it pretty easy if you're looking for something quick. A search on Google also brings up a lot of tutorials, they are not hard to find :D
  20. If your pineapple is connected to your home network and you are also connected to your network, you will need to use the IP address that your router assigns the pineapple (or alfa card) ex.
  21. I have the same problem with mine, it works fine when I use the pineapple juice battery so I would say its the power supply.
  22. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/34873-best-alfa-adapter-for-mark-5/#entry259198
  23. I was interested in trying this out, I bought 5 usb drives all from different manufacturers, all of them had the 2307 which would not work. It seems like it's getting harder to find the 2303 these days.
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