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  1. Or make your own USB Rubber ducky with a badusb..I have a tutorial on my website https://www.pentestingshop.com/pentesting/make-your-own-usb-rubber-ducky-using-a-normal-usb-stick/
  2. U can buy one from the hakshop europe..But i just looked and they are now sold out..But i'm from Belgium and i ordered mine there last year and i had it in 3 days at home https://shop.edutechireland.com
  3. i have my wifi pineapple more than a year, so i wont be able to fall within the warranty policy :(
  4. i already tried multiple power adapters..Also a external power bank i used many times before..I only get a bright green led and a minor glow in the red led..Now i left it 2days laying around without power,came home plugged in the original power adapter that came with the pineapple..And it booted again..But this happens every time..If i plug out the power now and plug it right back in it wont boot..And if i leave it a couple off days without power and then plug it in it boots again :s I think there is something broken in the pineapple..Anyone a idea what component it could be?..And if i can fix it...I have good soldering skills.. Thanks in advance
  5. I recently moved from my parent's home to my own place. I came here and plugged in my wifi Pineapple Mark V here and i only got a green led and a minor glow on the red led..So i tried resetting it using the dip switches,but had no success..So i removed the micro sd card and put in in my reader and reformatted it and placed it back in the pineapple..After that when i plugged it in still nothing..So i tried formatting another sd card and plugged it in my pineapple, and still had the dip switches placed on the unbricking process so up, up, up, up, down..Then when i plugged it in it had booted and i could flash the factory.bin file again..I also did not make the mistake of unplugging it when the blue led was still blinking..I waited for the multi-blinking led pattern..then i unplugged it and put the dip switched all back up..Then when i plugged in my power again it again did not boot :(..So i left it laying around..Then the next day i came home and tried plugging it in i booted up normally and everything was working fine..So i thought yeah where back..So i unplugged it and moved it to the place where i needed to be..And again when i plugged it in i had only a green led and a minor glow on the red led..So it was broken again:(...I again left it laying around a couple of hours and plugged it back in and it booted up normally??..So every time when i get it fixed and do a power cycle it is broken..I every time need to wait a couple of hours when i unplug it before plugging it back in, otherwise it wont boot..This is really frustrating me..But now today i tried moving it again and left it laying around again a couple of hours but now i cant get it to boot anymore, also the flashing and such i cant do since it's not getting the ethernet port up..So now i think it's really broken..i also again tried all the previous thing i mentioned like reformatting the sd card en placing the dip switch in different positions..But cant get it to do anything..I now also tried reading it out over the serial port but i get nothing out off it.. Please Hak5 team help me.. Cause i paid a lot for this device for sending it to my country, and i really love the device i am heart broken now since the device is not working properly. Please tell me there is a solution Thanks in advance
  6. I had some questions on my website on how to flash another script to the USB Stick after u did one, well u need to always flash it back to stock firmware first before u can flash another ducky script onto the stick, so i made a guide now on how to recover the Stick back to a regular USB Stick. u can find it here http://www.pentestingshop.com/recover-a-usb-stick/
  7. First i want to say that i don't want to be competitive against the Hakshop and if you can u should buy a real USB Rubber Ducky from them, cause it's really made simple and the chip they use is much faster in executing or typing the payloads But did you ever wanted to make your own USB Rubber Ducky? Well now you can using a regular USB stick, i must start with mentioning that it can not be done with all the USB sticks you will need one with a specific Nand chipset on it. More specific the Phison 2251-03 (2303) So now you are probably wondering where do i get that specific usb stick then, well you may have one laying around! You can check it using GetFlashInfo You can download it from this LINK On github there is also a list with all know compatible devices, but most off them are not for sale anymore. So what do i do then ? Well come and visit my website and find the guide on how to make your own USB Rubber Ducky using a normal USB Stick or buy a clean USB stick with the Phison 2251-03 chip on it It's all explained with screenshots and text I tried to post the whole guide and screenshots here cause i want to help this community out, but it wont let me cause it uses to much pictures. So find the guide here http://www.pentestingshop.com/pentesting/make-your-own-usb-rubber-ducky-using-a-normal-usb-stick/ Hope you all like this and please let me know what u think about it. Develectron
  8. I am giving away the guide and selling the sticks that are needed for this to work. So the guide is posted public. But u can also buy the stick else where if u want. But the thing is that u need a USB Stick with a specific nand chip on it.
  9. First i want to mention that I'm a Huge fan for years! So what i want to ask actually is that i have made my own web shop and trying to sell some Pentesting equipment and guides around it on how to use it, and how to do some basic pentests but since it's somehow hacker related i can not so easy to do on advertising. Cause i heard from a friend that google somehow ranks that kinda traffic lower than other good websites. Like the Hak5 webshop is almost like all the time on the top here (From Belgium) if I search google for hakshop the Hak5 webshop is on the first place and even if i search hackshop so with "CK" the Hak5 webshop is on the 3th place. But i dont have allot off money to put in advertising cause google ad's cost really way to much for me to invest in. So since i dont have money to put in advertising and made a guide on how to make your own USB Rubber Ducky using a normal USB Stick (BADUSB) my question is if that i can make a post about it on the Hak5 forum under the USB Rubber Ducky section? I really don't want to be cooperative against the Hakshop so now also another question is if it's okey for the Hak5 team that i made this post on my webshop and used the USB Rubber Ducky Encoder and the name in my title? Again huge fan off the show for years now so not offended if u tell me i cannot, but i thought that i maybe should ask it first So that i don't get in trouble. Thanks in Advance Develectron
  10. i even made a video off me doing this you can watch it here
  11. i am also planning on buying this amplifier http://www.ebay.com/itm/37dbm-5W-WiFi-Wireless-LAN-Broadband-Router-Signal-Booster-Amplifier-37dBm-2-4G/121192180700?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140602152332%26meid%3D07a5731d772c425ea1d9b1160ecb49f5%26pid%3D100011%26prg%3D20140602152332%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D10%26sd%3D181168164525 but then connect it to the client radio for receiving better! now my question is the wifi pineapple mark v capable of handling so much watt on that wireless radio? i am also planning on buying a good antenna that is capable with the 5w amplifier? The thing is i have a client that is traveling a lot, and on some camping sites where he comes he at first got good wifi, but when sometimes french people arrive there he looses almost all of his wifi signal, he thinks it is because the have much better equipment and pulling down all the transmit power. i thought maybe then if he uses that 5w amplifier on the client (receiving) radio of the wifi pineapple and the other radio for himself to connect to it could be better ? Or am i thinking wrong ? Please let me know if this is a solution! Or what you think these french use. Thanks in advance Develectron
  12. i got this fixed now! i was working an a kali 1.09a and there was even no gnuradio or rtl packages in this distro :s don't know why but afterwards i tried it with a kali 1.0.6 and came up with the same problem of no module gsm then did apt-get install gnuradio gnuradio-dev cmake git libboost-all-dev libusb-1.0-0 libusb-1.0-0-dev libfftw3-dev swig python-numpy and did rerun ./bootstrap on gsm-receiver and now it's all working :) Love this :)
  13. Hi Rkiver Wow sorry i didn't know that you where just a reseller! And that u do this on your own! If u buy and resell at this price your indeed doing this at a good price, cause i believe u that importing a large quantity of device in Europe is not easy! And i also noticed that u already shipped my USB rubber Ducky i ordered earlier! That was pretty fast! So i want to apologize cause your doing a great job! I also already received a mail from DHL and so so your handling things insane fast. Thx and keep up the good work! Greetings Develectron
  14. Best Hak5, I just placed a order for a Usb rubber ducky through the new European Edutech Hakshop. Afterwards i went back on the original hakshop and added 1 usb rubber ducky to my cart and also filled in the calculation for shipping it to Belgium the usb rubber ducky in the normal hakshop is 36$ and then then 33$ for the US Postal Priority Shipping, what makes a total off 69$ or converted to Euro 55.5186 And the order i placed in the European Edutech Hakshop was 54.35 € I know it's a bit cheaper,but i'm kinda disappointed now cause i just watched the latest episode i heard there was a HAK5FAN coupon. I could not fill in this coupon on the European Edutech hakshop :( And i really wanted some stickers also :p So very good that there is now a European hakshop, but next time i'm ordering again from the original hakshop :p Or please also apply the rules to the European hakshop! Cause i'm really disappointed that i don't have some awesome hak5 stickers now :p
  15. hi i also got this problem root@kali:/airprobe/gsm-receiver/src/python# ./go.sh capture_941.8M_112.cfile Traceback (most recent call last): File "./gsm_receive.py", line 12, in <module> import gsm File "../lib/gsm.py", line 26, in <module> _gsm = swig_import_helper() File "../lib/gsm.py", line 18, in swig_import_helper import _gsm ImportError: No module named _gsm anyone got a solution yet ? Or do i just need to start over And does it only work with older Kali or also with the new 1.0.9 ? Thanks in advance
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