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kali and or backbox on usb 3.0


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i was going to run kali and or backbox on a usb 3.0 drive. i have done this before and it runs really well.

my goal was to use 1 usb drive between multiple computers.

in the past i installed kali to the usb drive via the installer located on kali's desktop.

both my computers are very different, nvidia and ati etc...

Would it be better to run kali in a live environment with persistence or install it to the usb?

i know that if you made a windows usb your basically locked to 1 type of pc because the drivers could interfere with each other, unless you don't care about performance. However i am not too familiar with how linux runs multiple graphics drivers and such.

Thank you

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"Would it be better" - better for what? Why are you doing this? What matters to you?

You need to explain this in order to make a good assessment of the pro's and con's.

Since both backbox and kali are Linux OSes, what do you mean when you talk about "a windows usb"? What's so "windows" about USB and how do any drivers relate to that?

I can imagine different graphics cards needing different xorg.conf files to configure X, but during boot you could have a script copy xorg.NVIDIA.conf to xorg.conf when an NVIDIA card is reported by lspci. From where I'm sitting it'll probably be, at worst, a minor inconvenience.

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