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  1. i was going to run kali and or backbox on a usb 3.0 drive. i have done this before and it runs really well. my goal was to use 1 usb drive between multiple computers. in the past i installed kali to the usb drive via the installer located on kali's desktop. both my computers are very different, nvidia and ati etc... Would it be better to run kali in a live environment with persistence or install it to the usb? i know that if you made a windows usb your basically locked to 1 type of pc because the drivers could interfere with each other, unless you don't care about performance. However i am not too familiar with how linux runs multiple graphics drivers and such. Thank you
  2. ordered a teensy board today. if you have experience with teensy, can the computer send information to the teensy board while it is running a program? if so is it over usb or pins?\ thanks for all your help
  3. i found it, been done with teensy little info but i got a picture and a name vKeyBoard Two Teensy boards communicating via the onboard UART, to "remote control"another PC (or other devices with USB keyboard capability). Andreas Rothenwänder (Austria) picture attached. Does this look like 2 teensy boards attached to each other?
  4. make sure both the AP are turned on. wlan0 - ENABLED wlan1 - ENABLED make sure the ap is not in monitor mode. i know originally the pineapple had problems with encryption on the main AP, but has been fixed make sure you have up to date firmware.
  5. thanks for your help, if i pursue this i will look into arduino or teensy
  6. no software on client pc. this is a crazy idea but would it be possible to have a serial/usb talk to a ps/2 mouse and then have the mouse talk to the client pc?
  7. thanks ya i looked at a cable like that or even using serial but it would be very tough to pipe or replicate a keyboard input to a usb or serial output. i also found ip kvm, however they are hundreds of dollars. basically i want to make a ip kvm with no software on the client computer.
  8. This is a very odd request but i was wondering if anyone had any knowledge in this area. My goal is to take a usb cable from 1 computer to another and use pc A to send keyboard and mouse signals to pc B i can also use serial if need be. so basically i need pc A to be a usb keybaord/ mouse The usb rubber ducky can do this right? Thank for your help, i figured if any forum would know it would be here.
  9. I was going to try to get some coders i know and do this until i found this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hypercom-AP210-Access-Point-Bluetooth-Dial-Ethernet-Wireless-Dial-IP-Converter-/321399912148?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ad4ed76d4 . Ethernet to bluetooth adapters. They do exist and are $35 to $90
  10. IIf for whatever reason you can't get reaver infusion to work I made an app that generates reaver commands http://commandgenerator.com
  11. An infusion to capture wpa handshake request. This would be amazing With 2 wlan's one of the could deauth.
  12. nohup with tail is perfect. i really appreciate your help its hard to find these commands using the Internet.
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