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Is it possible to write an Xbox-Script for the xbmc?


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Why not simply bookmark the Pandora page and open it from the XBox?

I've never once seen a webbrowser, only MP3/CD/DVD player. Maybe I'm just missing something, but I would honestly love to see something come of this idea, since I'm assuming it could be easily adapted to X360, possibly PS3, and (god forbid) Wii. I've had console music players before, GameShark Media Player for PS2. It was nice, but it wasn't exactly bug free. It was also very picky about resolutions and how big the bitrate was on the video/audio, and can only assume this is due to the obvious processor limitations.

Let's exploit this untapped market before Pandora does, and wake them up that they're missing a multi-million userbase they could be getting subscriptions from just because they can play pandora in their dorm room xbox/360/ps2/3/wii.

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