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  1. Confirmed broken as well, same issue, cept it doesn't reset to the current song for sometimes up to 4 tracks.
  2. Give me a copy of this system, both just the script and the packed version if you can, and I'll go ahead and test it out, if it passes, i'll give you an FTP to my server with the url http://tracker.cynagen.com:85/~tmxod/. Personally I'd prefer if you only use it for your projects, but you can virtually put whatever the hell you want on it, frankly I don't care, just don't bomb the connection to the server, it's not on it's own dedicated line yet.
  3. Why not just feed the first downloaded copy back to the pandora app like it was the server it originally requested the file from? You're already intercepting and putting it on hold, why not just turn around and inject data saying you're the server.
  4. Is there a PandoraRaw.log file in there? If there is can you paste me the last set of lines. Also, could you get me a picture of the contents of that folder?
  5. Use CUSTOM, and TYPE IN "%a - %s [OpenPandora]" The apptitle is the keyword in the title of the application that pandora raw is looking for to extract song name and artist from, that's why you need to use CUSTOM and put the key in there, so it knows where it's looking for.
  6. It's very close, change the OpenPandora titlebar configuration to "%a - %s [OpenPandora]", and change the apptitle= to apptitle=[OpenPandora], and make sure OpenPandora is running before you try pandoraraw, also if you do try it after you open OpenPandora, then paste the recent logging from the logfile here please.
  7. That's my fault, I should have been more specific. Start->Run...->"cmd" In the command prompt, run these commands: cd c:pandoraraw pandoraraw GetDevices If you just run PandoraRaw by doubleclicking on it, you start up it's default function, which is if OpenPandora or Pandora's Box is running, to check the title, and then start recording whatever device you set from the GetDevices list. If you need anymore help, please don't hesitate to post again.
  8. The files are only available for manual copy under special circumstances. I've seen plenty of times when i've used pandora straight off the website, there have been no plugtmp files whatsoever, the folder is there, the files aren't. I don't know what the difference is entirely between the situations, but that's been the case every time. Unfortunately that's also the case with Pandora's Box, and OpenPandora, from what I've observed, and frankly, Pandora's Jar breaks too easily with small changes to applications and the website. Sure it's fixed, but until it is, you're screwed. Sure it gets perfect copies by doing automatic copy, but it falls apart whenever there are changes to it's working structure, tiny changes.
  9. Well i'm just worried that my work is being passed up and nobody is really using it. I don't have a counter or anything on the download, so I can't tell how many people actually have picked up a copy. However, I do mean to at least put out a v0.2b, so i'll be working on that this weekend, firstly a fix for the leftover wavin2cmd->lame pipe (kill it on exit, found out how to do that,) and also add a function that checks my site to see if there's a new version available, and if so, automatically download it, so those who actually use it can get the updates without having to check back here. However that does not sate my desire for more feedback on this application, which I desire, so I take this program in the direction that people would like to see it go. I understand it's a solitary thing, no spotlight, I just want to know that my work isn't for naught, and what direction to take it. Oh and Pichet, if you could tell me the locations for copying wav output directly from the soundcard, and how we can pull the artist and track from a browser into a console, I'm sure I can whip up a PHP version of this for linux.
  10. Nobody else having problems? Anyone else think I should continue work on this, or is it pointless?
  11. You need to extract everything to the same folder and follow the instructions. Once you've configured pandoraraw.ini, run pandoraraw.exe, you'll see a little purple button down on the system tray. That's PandoraRaw running, leave that be as it automates all the processes, capturing the name from the title, then killing the last capture, and starting a new one. It may look like it's doing nothing, but if you leave it and check the pandoraraw.log file every once in a while, you'll see that it is in fact doing it's job (you'll also see the MP3s in the same folder.)
  12. Oh I'd also like to hear people's experiences with PandoraRaw, also if there's a suggestion for a better name, please feel free to mention it. I'd also like to hint at 2 other programs I use to help keep windows out of my rips: IndieVolume (enables you to force sound to another soundcard) and Virtual Audio Cable (enables you to create a fake soundcard on which to send the OpenPandora output)
  13. First thing's first, to those who downloaded this just to see how it works, it's just automated line capture to MP3, nothing special. To those who wish to flame me for an "inferior" process, you can take your comments and shove them. I helped with the Pandora's Jar a while back, getting it to stay in place when it was moving out of control area, but I don't like the complicated mess that it's become, we need something simpler with less failure points, so here I am. USAGE: First thing's first, let's get our DEVICE list. Go to wherever you extract the EXE and run: "pandoraraw GetDevices" This will produce and open a "devices.txt" with a list of devices to capture from on your computer, we'll need this so we can direct the capture to the correct source. Now, to view an about (why the hell would you want to?): "pandoraraw about" SETUP: Get the device list! If you haven't done this already, go back up damnit! After you get your device list, pick out the one you will be doing your raw output capture from, and open pandoraraw.ini and put it in at device= The wrapper i use this with is OpenPandora (customizable titlebar) For the application title you want to put whatever code word you put in the titlebar, for example [OpenPandora] which I put after the artist - songname in the titlebar configuration. My OpenPandora titlebar configuration is: %a - %s [OpenPandora] PandoraRaw relies on the titlebar updates to get the song name and automatically strips out the keyword you put in to search for as well, resulting in a near perfect capture of the title. I've had a few hiccups where [OpenPa or something similar made it through or part of the song name was missing, I'll be working on that in upcoming patches. KNOWN ISSUES: Naming some times does not go as planned, the name doesn't get cleaned up, or is missing some of the song name as mentioned. I'd like some reports of this so that I can document and patch correctly. Sometimes PandoraRaw doesn't pick up on the titlebar change until a number of seconds after the fact, I'd like some reports on this as well, specifically what was going on at the time it occurred, and how much CPU time was being used on the computer. As of right now, the background processes wavin2cmd and lame will not be killed when you kill PandoraRaw either from the tray icon or by taskmanager. PLEASE BE AWARE TO KILL WAVIN2CMD, LAME WILL DIE WITH IT. THINGS PLANNED TO ADD: If I can find an app or somebody who can write an app with a current dB level of the raw output from wavin2cmd, that'd be much appreciated as it would help aid in the precision cutting of files, no more going by the titlebar updates for track cuts (which are almost never perfectly sync'd but damn close enough for a working beta of this project.) Tagging is another thing, optional of course, but it will require some extra legwork on the part of PandoraRaw, so we'll see where this ends up. DOWNLOAD: http://tracker.cynagen.com:85/~cynagen/PandoraRaw0.1.zip
  14. Already working on it, just gotta have windows for right now, I'm sure somebody can take the source and adapt it into linux though. I'll explain in a link to another forum post. Done: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,7917.0.html
  15. I hate to break it to you, but they're using a password on the blowfish encryption... I've run it through every BF decrypter i can try... see if the password isn't plain as day in there, or if not, where they're getting it from?
  16. I guess so. Sorry. I'm American, I've been trampled by every major business in the area, including Circle K and McDonalds. I kinda take things in odd contexts or as people love to say "out of context". No, I just take another version that can be seen. And yes, I did take it as "why should I add it?" and not "it's so simple." Thank you for pointing that out Extreme_One, helped clear up our misunderstanding here. And yes, I will attack lazy programmers/developers, simply because I've seen so much unclean, unoptimized and unfulfilled source code fly by on my screen that it pisses me off anytime a programmer has a chance to fix something/add something that the public could obviously make use of, and doesn't. Yeah, I'm critical, sorry. Cooper, great work on 7.4.0, now where's my damned StationID field and MP3 tag config already? And here ends the misunderstanding, the end of this sub-thread, and the beginning of my unruly demands. Now obey! :twisted: Please? :D
  17. Well, never expected that to come in as a request. So, where would you want this? The only appropriate place I could think of is the Comment part, which my program currently leaves empty. Would be trivial to make it fillable, and equally trivial to give the user full control over what it gets filled with. is it truely trivial to give the end user the option to do what the hell they want with their computer? Are you sure you're just trying to be lazy and not add that sort of option? We already have the option (for the people who know where to look and pull the information from and where to mod the script) to be able to do these things. People are just asking that it be made available to them right off the bat rather than having to go in and mess with the original. (Take a look at windows my friend, see how much you have to go in depth and "hack" it to make it bearable? You're not trying to be another microshit are you?) Anyways, I too, would appreciate some of those extra peices of information being available to me as a user, to put into the MP3's tagged information.
  18. If you're using Pandora's Jar 7.4.0 beta, it's unfortuneatly set to a specific directory, the same directory as the pandora's jar .jar file in the MP3 folder. This was just because the author of 7.4.0 didn't wait to include those settings into the scripts before he released this copy of 7.4.0, so don't worry about it, just wait till next version comes out.
  19. I've never once seen a webbrowser, only MP3/CD/DVD player. Maybe I'm just missing something, but I would honestly love to see something come of this idea, since I'm assuming it could be easily adapted to X360, possibly PS3, and (god forbid) Wii. I've had console music players before, GameShark Media Player for PS2. It was nice, but it wasn't exactly bug free. It was also very picky about resolutions and how big the bitrate was on the video/audio, and can only assume this is due to the obvious processor limitations. Let's exploit this untapped market before Pandora does, and wake them up that they're missing a multi-million userbase they could be getting subscriptions from just because they can play pandora in their dorm room xbox/360/ps2/3/wii.
  20. To be a bit more technical, you need to treat Mac as a *nix clone. The path you're looking for is: ~/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/ trying to fetch the username of a mac user in javascript won't be easy if he doesn't have one to experiment on, so use ~ for the /Users/username portion and it'll point you to the right spot every time.
  21. Here's the problem, ethereal is not exactly integrated into any major coding language, and would take a lot of adapting to be able to make the text version fit in and do it's job properly. We're looking at loads of work just to packet snoop, here's an easier idea, proxy pandora.com to another local IP through the HOSTS file/DNS server on your router, and have it read the information the real pandora.com is sending and blindly relay to the machine making the request. Our machine->router->proxy machine (capture point)->pandora.com
  22. I am well aware, but it's doing it CRAPPILY, and because it can't do what it's suppost to f'n do, i'm writing up a tool to just aid me and enable me to do the same thing WITHOUT the Jar. Yeah, you heard me right, it's based on the Jar, but it's standalone. Why? I already said, PJ isn't doing it's job, nor does it do it properly half the time, so it's time to replace it in my mind. Heed the saying "If it's not broken, don't fix it, but for the love of all that is sane, if it is, FIX IT." Now with that said, who want's to help me track how Pandora is handling it's files so I can better prepare my application for public usage with proper checking.
  23. I've been tracking Pandora's bad habits about where it's saving the temp files to, and well, guess what? No surpise that it's all over the place. Both files in plugtmp-1 and plugtmp-1-1,-1-2,-1-3,etc files. I think an overall scan of the temporary folder looking for new items in plugtmp folders, and possible plugtmp files hanging around in plain temp should do the trick. Anyone else think this is a good idea? Of course check if the file is still being downloaded, and then check for the second-to-last/last updated if it's the same as last time? Actually, would anyone be willing to participate in a test? And be willing to manually type in the name if it meant the files were sent to the correct place with the correct name?
  24. You guys are at least getting close, can you point me out to the XML file? If I can use some of my PHP magik to open up that XML and dump some data from it, I might be able to find what we're looking for and just replace the pandora's jar grabbing stuff, and replace the jar with a .exe instead containing all the code we need. I'm not seeing the XML files people are talking about, but the javascript is working to announce what's going on, so that's a plus.
  25. This is what my script is here to eliminate. Still working on it, i'll do some work on the side to perform triple checking to make sure i'm getting good data, I might even end up including mpg123 with both flavors so it can ask you if you wanna preview 15 seconds of the track to make sure it's properly named. While i'm writing that stuff in, can somebody please dig into pandora's javascript and find grabmp3, and then find out what the javascript is to write stuff to a file on the disk. I'm going to need that to dump important information into my script, otherwise it's manual entry, which is also possible.
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