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Broke antenna leg


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Anyone else ever break an antenna off your Pineapple?

I placed it in my backpack and my laptop hit the antenna while it was still attached and broke the antenna with the screw on attachment off the pineapple?

What can I do to repair this?

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Did you break the mount too? If not just get a new antenna. I'm not sure if the HakShop has them, since I can't get to their site from work, but you can find SMA antennas all over the internet.

EDIT: Actually I can get there from work but it seems they don't have the Pineapple SMA antennas for sale.

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Unfortunately the mount broke off also.

Can we get a picture? Unfortunately we cannot replace hardware that was damaged by the user.. But you may be able to solder a new SMA connector to the board (depending on soldering skill, but it shouldn't be hard).

Take the pineapple out of its case and take a picture and we'll know exactly what's up.

Best regards,


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