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[Help] I can make an antenna with that?


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According to this online cantenna calculator the diameter is too small for 2.4GHz. The minimum appears to be 73mm while the ideal is somewhere near 90-95mm.

You can use it for 5GHz, even though it's too large for this (the ideal here is about 35mm according to that calculator) - the large size means more disturbance can come in, but due to the can interference coming from the side would still be avoided so it's not a complete loss.

But your best best is still finding someone with a bigger cannon...

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Just punch the dimensions into the calculator. When they're off the thing will say so.

Note that for optimal results you want the can to be as straight as possible and the bottom as flat as possible. Andrew McNeil, WIFI antenna guru, often uses metal toilet brush holders because their dimensions are very close to ideal, completely straight and they cost comparatively next to nothing.

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