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Completely new to all this, quick question.


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Hello all, I apologize for my, most likely, dumb question.

I've been researching and reading like crazy about all this technology, and I'm looking to get myself a Mark V, my question is this, when go to purchase it, I get an offer to get an ALPHA USB WiFi adapter.

My question is, what will this allow me to do above and beyond just the Mark V?

Thanks for your patience, and knowledge!!

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It's always nice to have an additional NIC so you have a dedicated client interface. I don't have the ALPHA USB adapter but I do have a Panda PAU06 and I use it in client mode so the other two antennas can be used for PineAP (a suite of tools on the Pineapple). Your setup would look like this:

wlan0: AP

wlan1: PineAP stuff

wlan2: client

You want a client adapter so anyone connecting to your Pineapple will have internet access.

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I only use the Panda because I have it. I initially bought it because it supports managed mode and I wanted to use it as an AP with my RPi. Since I have a Pineapple and don't need to set up a type of "clone" with my RPi I just use it as a client radio. Just get what works for you, the ALPHA should be fine.

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You can search for forums for details, but the original reason for offering the xtra ALFA was the discovery of a hardware bug that severly limited client mode throughput with the internal one. That said, client mode was apparently almost an afterthought.

Read this post: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32013-pineapple-ap-is-incredibly-slowinconsistent/?p=242504

Now with PineAP and all its moviing pieces, an extra radio is particulary useful.

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Thanks for the responses!

I received my setup yesterday. Updated the firmware.

I did get the extra NIC, and it is my assumption I plug it into the Pineapple USB as opposed to the computer?

During my initial setup after the firmware I kept dropping my connection to my router and had to power down and reboot the pineapple and re-type in the password for the router. I had to do this 3-4 times. Even then it would drop when I'd try to access the pineapple bar... I was eventually able to acess and download. Only to have it disconnect again... Thoughts or pointers?


Thanks a lot!

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I have a quick question too, i dont feel like it requires its own thread, thats why im asking it here.

I found https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28543-power-onoff-wifi-pineapple-mark-iv/ this thread. People there said you can just unplug the thing, is it safer to just send a halt command over the web interface and then unplug it? This is what i do with linux soc boards i have that do not have a power button. Just curious.

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In the future please just post in the thread you find so others don't go off topic. Just like the best answer states in the thread you found it will not hurt your Pineapple at all. Most of the time I send a halt command before I unplug mine but that's because I'm overly cautious at times. I've pulled the plug many times and never had a problem.

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