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  1. Right ok, because a keyboard naturally has Admin privileges by its nature even under "user" login, which is essentially the workaround. Could he have to change the PIDs to make the computer look at it like a keyboard? Or is that default? I remember reading/watching Darren talk about that in one of his vids. So i'm glad to hear that we're just missing something, now to figure out what....
  2. So my buddy has a Ducky and we're trying to learn this thing. First we started with a script to simply show the wifi password on his machine, the password for the SSID that he was connected to. Worked fine. Then he tried it by creating a "user" without admin privileges, didn't work. So my question is, while it's cool that it can drop a script automatically and run it, I have to ask what is the point if you have to be an admin for this to work? Or are we missing something?
  3. I believe it is the internal laptops' interface. If you put the laptop in "airplane" mode or shut off the wifi on your laptop, it'll go away.
  4. HANDLED! :D Sending out a replacement Pineapple! Thank you to Darren and Sara for the help and understanding! Awesome place to do business with!
  5. Ok so, I'm a helluva noob, but what the pineapple is actually doing is taking in the SSID's and just rebroadcasting those SSID's out UNLOCKED. The device that is connecting to the, unlocked, spoofed SSID doesn't have to give up a passcode to connect because it's not asked for one. Open up your AP list on your device, phone, laptop whatever, and you'll see 2 of each SSID (if the Pineapple has polled all the available AP's) you'll see one that's locked, that's the "real" one and one that's unlocked. The trick is that the Pineapple is supposed to over power the real AP. So when you de-authenticate the client on the real AP, it will reattempt to connect to the spoofed one, theoretically, because it's a stronger signal. No password has been transferred. Also,.... https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/34698-how-many-devices-are-vulnerable-to-pineapple/ It won't answer your question per se, but what this points out is that this type of stuff, this tech is ever changing. It doesn't stay stagnant. I thought this was a really good, albeit short, post. If you want to learn this discipline, you gotta be on top of it. History is set in stone, this changes like the tide.
  6. I'm just glad I can stop fighting it. I sent them an email on the morning of the 10th. So hopefully I'll hear from them today.
  7. I would totally do that. Even reflashing again for the 8th time. Not even kidding. Minimum. But I can't even get it to connect to anything anymore. And I've tried 5 routers. One at home, 3 at work, and sister in laws, All via wlan1 and wlan2. Oh I also have an 8gb sandisc class 10 card. And, don't take this the wrong way, but what could I be missing? (Legitimate question) I mean from the first power up I had to reboot twice to get a connection long enough to flash the firmware. Like I said I'm totally for blaming myself on this. But after hearing/talking with my buddy who literally plugged and played? I have a hard time believing its me. He didn't write a framework, he plugged in a "router" and had about as hard a time as passing some White Castle and molson the next morning. :-) And oh yeah, I'm totally impatient too. But, right now. I'm done.
  8. Lmao! Seeing as I've been fighting with it for a while I talked him through it, basically. And it came right up. He's 700 miles away, so maybe pineapples like more snow than I have??? lol And by talking through it. I said. Yeah. Just power it up first. When you get the "special blinks" connect through CAT5 and I explained where things were on the interface. That was it. He even has stable connection routed though the pineapple on his phone.
  9. Ok so. My totally computer literate buddy received his pineapple today. He plugged his in. Updated the firmware and in 8 min was messing around and making his son yell downstairs, "dad! The Internet is down....oh wait. Nevermind" Deautenticate works. Lol along with Karma and Dogma. All is well. So it appears my pineapple is faulty. I've already started an email with the shop and attached this thread as a link. At least I'm not totally nuts. Ryan
  10. Should I attempt the system reset default boot? DIP switch config 10011? If I do this, how do I know when to power back down and reboot to DIP 11111?
  11. Crap sud0nick, you're right. I totally misread that! As far as the MAC filtering, nope. It's the stock-o ATT router that I haven't touched. OK, so I bought the extra NIC with the pineapple and have that plugged in. I can pick either wlan1 or wlan2, and I've attempted today to connect on both, no go. It says "connection initiated" but under connection info, "not connected" I've powered down multiple times, reset wireless config, nothing. Today, I never get the red light to come on. I don't even get the initial connection for 10 seconds. I'm seriously at my wits end here. Full disclosure, I know I'm no big shot computer guy, but man. This is killing me. Here's everything I've tried. In the manual "connection setup." I initially did all that stuff. started the sharing and the subnet, and DNS server. After doing so, I lost my native internal wifi. (maybe this is normal) So I thought OK, plug in the pineapple. Nothing. Won't connect. So I went back to the original settings and everything was fine. Was able to connect to the pineapple and as mentioned above fight though to just get a firmware update. NOTHING has been easy. I have now tried this on two machines I have. The old acer with XP (originally vista) and my new Asus with 8.1. Same scenario, although I was able to get SSLstrip infusion to work for about 5 min last night, but it wasn't stable by any means. Pineapple plugged into the Asus and the Acer machine getting "stripped"
  12. OK so reading this thread... for the 100th time... https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32013-pineapple-ap-is-incredibly-slowinconsistent/page-8 I came across this bit of info I missed... from Darren himself. "The only configuration this issue impacts is where the Realtek (wlan1) is being used as a client to a nearby AP to provide the MK5's (wlan0) clients with Internet access - and only then the throughput is capped at 11 Mbps (which may be suitable depending on load / capacity)." When I'm looking to connect client mode, wlan1 is my only option for connect client mode too....(unless I have another NIC plugged into the external USB which I have wlan1 and wlan2 as options) But if I'm reading this post correctly, I should be using wlan0 as the client, but that option is not there. So every time I connect to client its wlan1....I had some luck connecting client to wlan2. Hope somebody can help a noob I hope I don't sound too dum (misspelled)
  13. Hello all, I've had my pineapple a week now. And even from the first start up, it constantly drops my home wifi. I can actually watch it. Type in the password watch it authenticate....... It comes up connected.....then about 10 seconds later....no connection. A few times I was able to keep it up and running long enough to reflash the pineapple and it seems stable for 10-15 min. I've re-flashed probably 6-7 times. In congruence with this, I noticed that the times the pineapple stays connected to my router (client) that is the time all the lights are illuminated, otherwise, the red light rarely comes on. When authenticating the password, the red light will go out, then the blue one. Then the blue one comes back on, it authenticates, sometimes the red comes back on...but not long. Then it drops the connection. I tried this.... https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/34586-internet-connection-sharing-not-working/?hl=%2Bdo+%2Binternet Didn't do anything. This is on an XP machine with chrome. If that matters.
  14. Thanks for the responses! I received my setup yesterday. Updated the firmware. I did get the extra NIC, and it is my assumption I plug it into the Pineapple USB as opposed to the computer? During my initial setup after the firmware I kept dropping my connection to my router and had to power down and reboot the pineapple and re-type in the password for the router. I had to do this 3-4 times. Even then it would drop when I'd try to access the pineapple bar... I was eventually able to acess and download. Only to have it disconnect again... Thoughts or pointers? Sorry! Thanks a lot!
  15. Sud0nick, That is what I was thinking, but didn't wanna sound even more clueless than I already am! So is the Panda better? I mean its only 6 bucks more. Or is it just a GM Ford thing?
  16. Hello all, I apologize for my, most likely, dumb question. I've been researching and reading like crazy about all this technology, and I'm looking to get myself a Mark V, my question is this, when go to purchase it, I get an offer to get an ALPHA USB WiFi adapter. My question is, what will this allow me to do above and beyond just the Mark V? Thanks for your patience, and knowledge!!
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