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Payload to deploy tablets.


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Hey guys,

I have a "few" questions before I invest in a rubber ducky.

Can this run on all samsung galaxy tablet devices?

Can the script install APKs that are stored on the SD card? (I know unknown sources can be enabled with the rubber ducky)

Can the script remove the dashboard icons and then place the downloaded apps on the homepage? (This one sounds like trouble)

Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for android? I would have never in a million years guessed that CTRL+p would have brought up the menu for android. (Had no luck with google search)

If the answer to all the above is yes then I'll be purchasing my own rubber ducky very shortly and will be sharing the payload with the forums.



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If you can do all the above manually with a just a physical keyboard attached the answer is yes, otherwise no :)

The ducky is essentially just a keyboard that can type faster and more reliably than you can, not a magic hacker / deployment tool.

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Thanks for the post Oli, I'm aware that the ducky behaves like that. My question to the forum was if it's possible to do the aforementioned with a keyboard. I'm unaware of there being a list for these keyboard commands to do this (Came across this post which has a few, but not the extensive list I'm looking for).

I've tried my hands at some ADB command line stuff but it's far too time consuming to do some simple tasks and there's no pause or delay command I can include in ADB.


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I have no experience with the device in question. I'd guess you will be able to do some of the deployment, but probably some manual steps and some stuff that needs touch.

An arduino/teensy would be a better place to start as you can then have multiple "payloads" that can be executed along with anything manual to speed up the deployment process.

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