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A little confused


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Ok this is my first post since getting the Mark V. So be patient.

I have been going through all the posts and I am sure I probalby missed a few.

1) How are folks getting Kismet on the Mark V or am I mistaken. I can not find the package even in search. Do I need another repo? if so what is it?

2) GPS I have a USB BU353S4 and yes I am aware of the post https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30998-track-pineapple-via-gps/?p=233604 does this module work with the 2.1 flash? I get errors trying to install it , dependency issues. At first I thought it was just a false error but the module is not there.

Just trying to get GPS going either way.

3) Has anyone done a 12 Cig lighter socket plug for the Mark V , I was thinking of making one fused of course but I was just curious if anyone had done this.

I will keep it to 3 for now..............



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normally we don't suggest cross posting, but i would say, check with seb in https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/33488-got-pineap-questions-let-me-answer-them/ under the Mark V forums specifically https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/forum/78-mark-v/

You can try messaging him but I think new users need a few posts before they can direct message others, so hit up IRC for a quicker response. Someone else chime in or move the thread over if they have an answer though.

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I had answered the kismet part in the thread digip posted a few days ago, but incase it has been missed, here is what I had posted:

If I remember to install kismet on the pineapple, ssh into the pineapple, then

opkg update

opkg install kismet-server

opkg install kismet-client

Preferably install it on to your sd card.

which istead of the above, do:

opkg update

opkg -d sd install kismet-server

opkg -d sd install kismet-client

Then should be able to ssh into pineapple and issue the norm kismet commands

I've only installed it once on the pineapple before, so if its not the right way, let us know.

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