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3 logical interfaces?


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I just received a wifi pineapple mk V as a gift today, and after mucking around with it for a bit, I had wlan1 up, and mon0 on wlan1, the device seemed to lose connection (I'm wired directly, so this shouldn't happen) and when I reconnected, the device had no monitor interface, but it had wlan0, wlan1, and wlan0-1. I'm confused as to where this interface came from, how to remove it, and if I should be concerned with removing it. I've tried resetting to defaults using the DIP switches and reflashing, but the interface persists. Please note, I was doing everything through the web management console, and not over SSH

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Pretty sure wlan0-1 is the virtual adapter for secure configuration.

Ah, so it's the one which broadcasts the management interface? I noticed airmon-ng lists it as being on the atheros radio, does that imply I can't use it for other things, like broadcasting other SSIDs or monitor mode, etc?

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