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Indian hak5


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Hi all

Haven't been posting lately, but still check in everyday.

So since it was Xmas day, and I had a few hours to kill before getting together with the family, I was browsing you tube.

I found this video of a couple trying to be the Indian Darren & Snubs, "quench your techno thirst", even had their own white broad table.

I cracked up laughing, so I thought I share it


Merry Xmas to all, and I hope you have a happy time with family and loved ones.

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Wow. This just shows you how far along in development Hak5 really is.

Aside from the hand gesture thing at the start (which makes me want to make a somewhat different hand gesture in response) the dialogue seems very scripted. The pauses between their lines is waaaay too long. A lapel mic would do miracles since it currently sounds like the mic is on the other side of the metal container they're presenting from. The lighting is crap and the fact that the backdrop is a nice, reflective plastic surface doesn't help. I like how they scribble on the table to explain things, but then they sadly never actually explain how what they're doing really works. Like was *IS* an ARP cache and what does poisoning it mean to the target and the victim. They do explain in (IMHO too) much detail how to install ettercap. Now, apologies if it's just me, but if you don't know how to install a program, why are you viewing a hacking program? To me the nail in the coffin is the typical indian-english language which doesn't involve a lot of articulation and a lot of words are spoken at breakneck speeds making it difficult to follow.

I didn't notice any particularly white broads though, on the table or otherwise. :lol:

And also from me to each and every one of you: A very merry christmas! I hope you've had/are having a magnificent time with the people you care about.

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