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Sharing internet from wlan1


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Okay I've been researching this since I've had my pineapple and cant get a straight answer.

I want to be able to share the internet connection from wlan0 (connected to a known AP with internet connection) to the targets connected to wlan0 through karma/pineap.

Is it supposed to be as easy as 1. connect wlan1 to AP using the client 2. start karma and pineap 3. targets have internet ?

I can get internet access locally on the pineapple without any issues. I updated the firmware twice. Currently I'm running 2.1.1.

I've tested it out with a second laptop as the target and also some phones and all of them cant get internet access through the pineapple.

I also tried the wifi-manager infusion and used the ICS function. I tried all the different combinations of interfaces. which is the correct one? I feel like it should be internet from wlan1 to wlan0 or wlan1 to br-lan.

any pointers would be appreciated!

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The WiFi manager infusions by whistlemaster has not been updated yet. In fact, it can break your configuration.

I suggest using the standard network infusion to reset your wireless configuration (advanced) and then using client mode to give yourself Internet.

The sharing is done automatically.

Best regards,


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