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Windows Update Fails with KB2864202


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What's up gang!

OK, I call upon the wizards. I offer bandwidth to sacrifice! (Corny joke..)

OK so here is the skinny: I have a computer at work. It's been a problem child since the opening (few years at least). Windows 7 32bit, Enterprise, on our server. It's been stuck on an update that I have officially ran out of options except a "Windows Repair".

** Security Update for WIndows 7 (KB2864202) **

- I've tried using Windows Update Troubleshooter. Nothing.

- I've done SFC. Nothing.

- I've tried installing VIA the stand-alone installer and downloading the update itself and installing. Nothing.

- I've renamed the SoftwareDistribution folder to softwaredistribution.old. Nothing

- I've ran chkdsk /f /r - Apparently the /f & the /r tags are DOA in windows 7..?

at the time of writing this, I'm running a Defraggler scan , I read somewhere that sholves the issue. I've also seen a lot of articles referencing this update with Windows Vista (which is unsetling)

Any thoughts?

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- Went into safe mode, tried to install both through windows update and the stand alone updater (Apparently WSUS cannot be started in safe mode?) so that's a nope.

- I cleaned up the %temp% , even per the link , unsuccessful.

- it looked promissing with this XFastRAM.exe, but I don't even have that on this workstation.

I'm going to have it Hide Update untill our Monthly reports say we NEED this update. lol Thanks

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