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Found 7 results

  1. Tetra & Nano Cable/Battery Questions

    I just purchased a TETRA, and it arrived last Friday. Immediately upon hooking up and logging in to it, I noticed that it would randomly restart - plays dead IP wise, followed by no lights, yellow light, blue light, etc. Initial thought was power, though I was powering it from the included power brick. Tried a different 12 volt adapter, followed by dual USB with stiff 5 volt availability. Still random reboot. I sent the required email off to Hak5, and waited. Finally got the "gotta do a flash recovery" - even though it's brand new - "and let us know if it's still broken". Ok, did that. Still has random reboots. I brought it in to my office yesterday, and in an effort not to unintentionally break things, powered it up with no antennas. Had it up for a while - much more than the few minutes I was getting before reboot at home. Then I put the rear antennas on to see what I could see? Still no reboot. Was up for a long time. Put the front antennas on, and boom - reboot. And now we are back to the vicious boot / crash cycle. I have an RF / EMI background, so I immediately thought it's nuking itself. Through experimentation that's been proven. With no front antennas, it will boot and run for a long time. As soon as front antennas are put on, down she goes. Further experimentation shows that it will happen when adding the the front right antenna, and that antenna position affects whether or not it crashes. I have done some searches, and there's others that have had random reboots, and that has been attributed to inadequate power. Maybe they are experiencing the same issue as I am . Maybe they don't all do it - in fact that's likely, since there'd be screaming going on. Mine is definitely not liking being radiated by itself. below is a Onedrive link to some videos showing the box running with a ping flood going to it. Front antennas are folded away. When I move the antennas vertical, and move my hand around it - probably altering the RF field - you see the box stop responding, the light go yellow, and the serial console messages spill. I've provided Hak5 a copy of what it spits out at crash and boot. While I'm disappointed that I can do nothing with it yet, this is not a "pound on Hak5" post. The box I got doesn't work, and I think maybe some other people have experienced this, so I figured get this out and have them try no front antenna, or maybe fold them away like in the video and see if it behaves the same way. It may not be "not enough power" in all cases. https://1drv.ms/f/s!Al2OT6PFWa6IoxK2o8TH8BBK6W27
  2. Hi guys, Apologies if this is a bit of a simple question, I've not come across it before and a Google search yielded a lot of irrelevant results. Is there a simple way to tell if a PC was Restarted or Shut Down on it's last power down? As in, tell if the user selected 'Restart' or selected 'Shut Down' within Windows 7? Thank you.
  3. How to set up once every 1 hour

    I want the wifipineapple to be restarted every 1 hour! I used the Crontab task, but it did not work! How can i do it?
  4. Cron reboot command?

    Hi all, Just got a LT last week, and liking it so far. Though my plan for it requires it be placed in a remote location I can't get into without some effort. That said I want to use cron to reboot the LT on a time schedule, either a specific time say 1AM EST, or after a certain amount of uptime. I've had no luck with the entries I've made into cron so far. ex. 0 1 * * * root reboot > /dev/null 2>&1 0 1 * * * /sbin/reboot If anybody can help me find a working cron reboot setup I'd be so very grateful! Thanks! lasermole.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to the pineapple, about one week new; and I've been having a lot of fun so far. Ive been going mad this evening however. I've be learning to use PineAP and once I start it up the Pineapple crashes within about 15 minutes max. I did some googleing and I haven't found anyone else with this issue. Additionally I've tried resetting to factory settings, but the issue persists. Really hoping someone can offer some advise.
  6. Tetra & Nano Cable/Battery Questions

    Hi, i setup and configured the tetra and everything works fine, I tried to activate the PineAP and started with just collecting SSID into the pool, everything still fine. When i then just activated the broadcasting from the pool it stayed up for 10 seconds and then the tetra just reboots. this happens with any attack on the pine AP. I had it either powered through USB (single on USB3, USB2, or both connections on USB2) and power supply. are there any troubleshoot steps i can perform?
  7. Hell-Low H5 FolkZ @SF, Just got a new Turtle and waz playin around with it. Seems to be quite k3wL, but there are problems with the mac changer of the wan interface. 1st issue - it does not work - the interface goes down and does not come back (eth1). after manually /etc/init.d/network restart all worx fine (with static IP settings and faked mac 2 deploy device in an secured environment with mac binding). 2nd issue - how can i make the mac change persist a power cycle. I want to deply that tiny device in a secured environment with static ip settings and mac binding. So i will loose contact to the turtle after a power cycle. The scenario ist to drop the device @ a network with static IP settings and i must fake the mac of an registered device to be able to autossh out of the network. The fake mac and the static ip settings must persist a power cycle or the device is "lost". Any suggestions ? Maybe a tiny shell script ? but where to put (for persistance) ?