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[Infusion Idea] 3rd Party Framework


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this is aimed more toward the rather active infusion developers, because as it stands there is a lot of repeated code being used and taking up space. so my idea is to have a gathered framework, for all the repeated code gathered in one spot in an infusion to minimize the space used. i see whistle master has a base of code used for a lot of his bigger infusions, and would be useful if he had just made one infusion for the base of the framework he uses. instead of having it included in each infusion, maybe he can just have one infusion or other developers do the same for the framework used. and have the infusions that need the frameworks, auto download it if it not already present. and would also help with updating the infusions all at once, instead of updating each separately. the "core" of them could just be updated in one place instead of each ones " core " being updated individually.

i hope i've made this easy enough to understand, as i am running on minimal sleep lol

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If developers are using the provided pineapple API then this is not an issue at all


A lot of the infusions in the Pineapple Bar were created way back in the days of the MK IV days (before firmware version 3.0) and all of the developers then got a preview version of the 3.0 firmware and we were tasked with migrating our infusions over to it. This was when the first version of the Pineapple API was introduced and didn't have a large amount of functionality so every infusion had to have lots of code to do the same tasks (like drawing tabs). After that the MK V was introduced and not all of the infusions worked as they were so they had to be migrated over to the MK V. The infusions in a lot of cases were never re-written to take advantage of new API functions so if you look at the code for some of them you see a lot of old code.

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