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I want to sabotage my own android


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You can probably get more control by rooting the device, however I haven't tried this, so I don't know what more you get when you do root it.

I would probably go about creating a system service via java that I would drop on the android device.


I would search for functionality such as viewing all files on any SD cards that get plugged into the system:


I would also look into transferring files via sockets, but they may call them something different in android. In order to get any of the files you need a server to receive them, so you need to configure your router to port forward to your server on your home network. As with all things, have multiple layers so if one is discovered you still have other layers which are still functional.



It would be nice to be able to log the websites the cybercrook visited. This might help.


Something like this could get a little bit involved, so good luck.

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Do you want to know what he's doing with a device he's taken, or do you want to prove he took it without permission?

There are things you can install on a phone to prevent theft, where once activated the phone automatically and silently takes a picture from the camera every few minutes and it sends its gps coordinates to a central server so you know where to look.

The point is that if it's *his* phone, you rooting it would probably be noticable. If it's *your* phone, simply proving he took it without your permission should suffice.

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It's probably more along the lines of

Him: Oh hey you got a new phone, can I see it for a sec?
Me: Oh sure, here you go.
(some time later)
Me: Why is my phones camera and microphone activated, and someone's placing charges on my credit card?
@overwraith: Thanks for the ideas and the links, I'm goning to start looking through them now Edited by fugu
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