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Stamping around the edges of Pixies Dust


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If you are following WPS exploits you will know there is a new attack called Pixie Dust which was accidently discovered. The coding for this attack has not been published. HOWEVER As MTeams have also seen WPS/WPA info provided unexpectedly, and to impliment this attack only a few lines of reaver coding needs to be changed, you might try ryreaver-reaver. Stands for reverse reaver. It runs in kali-linux. Unfortunately it doesnot save its work so if you stop the process it starts all over. We downloaded the rar file, converted it and ran from root ./ryreaver-reverse. We will do some tests to write the output to text and screen thru tee and Eterm windows and post here when finished

The direct download is:



Those interested in Pixie dust seach kali-linux forums - links to this topic can be found there.

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