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Flash over SERIAL possible with MK V?


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as some of you might have seen I am struggling with boot problems after the update to 2.0.4

I can do what I want - I cannot manage to get any connection.

So my question is whether there is some sort of tutorial for setting up a connection to the MK V over serial? I didn't find any - only for the MK IV!

Would it be possible to connect over serial, while it is not possible to connect via ethernet? May be in this way I could avoid a replacement.

In a shop nearby I discovered a "USB to serial"-cable for a raspberry Pi, but that should be suitable for the pineapple, too?!

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Yes I tried really everything! Nothing worked!

But today I tried a tipp of another forum's user who said to wait a few hours after flashing before trying to reboot.

I left my MK V alone for 48 hours after last flash-attempt and YIPPPIEEEE!!! Today it booted quite normally and I also could install an upgrade!

I tried the update to 2.0.3 (actually I am still a little bit afraid to try 2.0.4 again), but not using the web interface but using WinSCP for file transfer and Putty for sysupgrade command.

I still don't understand what was the cause for this problem. May be there was something bad in the 2.0.4 upgrade that only disappears after some hours without power supply???!?! Is that possible?

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maybe is keeping a bad cache, and is cleared when say capacitors are depleted from not being plugged in? i remember similar issues with a different router i had. and also i believe the original nintendo wii did this too lol all just had to be unplugged for a day or so. i cant say its deffinately a bad cache, but its something that the pineapple was keeping in memory and the trickle from a capacitor was keeping it alive more than likely. more than likely something to do with the kernel or libs? just my opinion :)

also, maybe it would be worth putting your steps up on the wiki and list it under troubleshooting for future users who may have similar issues

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@python2004 im using 2.0.4 runs fine for me just gotta be care with some of the infusions i've had a couple that caused a boot loop in the past not sure if they have been fixed since i made my threads or comments about that. I believe it was the Pineapplestatus that was giving me a boot loop in the past

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