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Should I buy a ducky?


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So should I buy a ducky to play around with it? At the moment I dont have any pen-testing jobs and I dont see any in the near future. Aside from playing around with it and maybe playing a prank or two on a friend I dont think I will be using it for that much. I also am wondering is the ducky useful in pen-testing cause from what I have heard alot of places physically disable usb ports.


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It's superb for real life demonstrations. It's quite effective to show people directly the potential dangers of not unlocking from their system if they are in the same proximity while searching something.

Just run a small prank to show the risks of BadUSB attacks, or show them a demo of running netcat for a remote shell.

Most people aren't aware of physical access attacks. Even some admins I know haven't secured their company systems against offline access and some even don't know about this method at all.

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Even a machine with unused USB ports that are physically disabled probably has a mouse and keyboard plugged in. It takes a few extra seconds but all you have to do is unplug one, deploy the ducky then plug the keyboard.

Unless they are permanently attaching devicee to the USB ports you can use the ducky.

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But be careful and stay legal ;-)

I built my own hack-network. So I can test what I want without harming anyone.

I plan on staying legal. I have several test computers to use. I would only do harmless pranks to my co-workers. I could probably give the IT guys some scares, but I won't do that.

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