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  1. Left mine plugged into a tower over night. Was warm but no melting or damage.
  2. Upgraded perfectly on first try! Thank you!
  3. Even a machine with unused USB ports that are physically disabled probably has a mouse and keyboard plugged in. It takes a few extra seconds but all you have to do is unplug one, deploy the ducky then plug the keyboard. Unless they are permanently attaching devicee to the USB ports you can use the ducky.
  4. yes. Had this happen to me a few times. It usually drops off after a few hours.
  5. Received this email into our ticketing system a while back... SUBJECT: eybord not woring BODY: Mny of te eys on my eybord re broen. Cn you bring me new one. Tns.
  6. Posting a copy of the script currently on your ducky would help.
  7. "...but opted for the USB extension instead." and "I personally like our unofficial policy,..." Stupid smart phone.
  8. I was originally going to go with the "here's those files"method but opted for the jab extension instead. I actually felt bad right after. He seemed hurt and like he felt violated but got over it pretty quick. Broti, I personally like our an official policy, but it's hard to get everyone on board with it. In our department of about nine people only four take it seriously and if any of the others get caught we let them off as a lesson and they don't need to bring donuts.
  9. In my department we have a rule you must lock your computer when not at it. If you leave it unlocked and someone can send an email to the department with "Donuts in my cube" in the subject that person must bring donuts in the next 5 days. (We call it "Getting Donutted".) We had a new guy start 2 months ago and last week he was saying nobody would ever donut him. I took it as a challenge. I had already donuted coworkers with my ducky when they walked away for even 20 seconds without locking their computer. He claimed he would NEVER leave his station unlocked and walk away. I said he didn't have to walk away. He'd be sitting there the whole time. We settled on the terms. No spoofing. No changing his password and logging in. No remote desktop sessions. Email must be sent from his machine. Last Friday before work I strung a USB cable from his PC through the the cube walls into my cube. I've been waiting since then for the right time. Just today about 1PM I walked by his cube and he was sitting leaned way back looking at his phone with his station unlocked. I went to my cube, plugged in the ducky, then went back out to watch. When the start menu popped up and dissapeared he looked up. Then outlook opened. He says "Uuuuuuhhhhhhh..... What the F%@#???" New email pops up and sends before he even knew what happened or got his hands to the keyboard. His first reaction is "Are you doing something to my computer?" I said "Why, did you get donuted?" He says "Ya... Well, time to reformat this machine." After I explained the ducky to him we had a good laugh. He's bringing donuts on Friday. DELAY 5000 CONTROL ESC DELAY 500 STRING outlook ENTER DELAY 2000 CONTROL n DELAY 200 STRING department@company.com TAB TAB TAB STRING Donuts in my cube! TAB STRING Bring coffee! DELAY 500 CONTROL ENTER DELAY 500 ENTER
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