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ddwrt repeater. port forwarding...


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(Cisco m10 internet source)

(Ddwrt repeater)

(My devices, droid, desktop, labtop etc. Connected to repeater)

So i have 2 issues I would like to resolve.

Port forwarding. should I use repeater bridge? what I have tried, cisco forward to ddwrt then ddwrt forward to my desktop, but I get no response from online port scanners....

This next issue is odd... all my machines connected to ddwrt threw wifi can not ping each other or use any services...

my desktop is plugged into ddwrt by Ethernet, my other wifi associated machines can ping the desktop and use the services like ftp ssh etc...

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Let's start with the Cisco. Can you connect your laptop directly to it, have it listen with something (apache... whatever) on that port and then try an online port scanner? So long as that doesn't work your port forwarding on the Cisco needs work. Once it works put the Ddwrt in between and try again until it, too, behaves as expected.

And yes, from the sound of things you want your Cisco to act as a bridge, to just transfer all incoming packets to the Ddwrt.

Wifi unable to ping or otherwise use network services of other wifi... Not a clue. Probably some security setting in Ddwrt. I've never had one of those so can't help you on that.

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