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Odd USB Hub problem..


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First off, I'm a new Mark 5 user. Please go gentle on the comments.

I am trying to connect multiple Alfa AWUS036NEH (3 so far) devices to the Mark 5 via a D-Link DUB-H7 USB hub.

All three devices are detected on boot (wlan2, wlan3 and wlan4), but I am unable to task them to tasks like Deauth or Karma etc.

When I only attach one device to the hub and boot it up (wlan2), I can assign tasks to that device.

Why won't multiple devices work?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Might be able to do something with WiFi Manager. Probably not assign each to a different application though. (I think) that would require two radios to be on the same channel. Can't do that.

Tomorrow I'm going to try using two external Alfas in place of wlan0 and wlan1. Just want to see if having the radios further apart will add some stability. It won't. But I'm going to try it.

In that case though, I'll have the two onboard radios either off or at least dormant.

You're supposed to be able to have two (wifi) radios as close together as you want as long as they're on different channels. Not sure I buy that. That assumes there's no out-of-channel noise, even right next to the antenna. With a good radio and low power, there shouldn't be much -- but none? Wifi channels are pretty close together in the same band.

Like I said, I doubt it makes any difference. Gonna find out.

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