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  1. All, I am wondering if anyone has the MK 5 configured in either a BATMAN or OLSR MESH with multiple nodes? If so, could you publish some simple instructions on how to configure the MK 5 for this operation? Thanks Doug
  2. Here is my Pineapple Mark V setup.. wlan0 - Open AP wlan1 - Deauth wlan2 - Deauth - AWUS036NEH wlan3 - Deauth - AWUS036NEH wlan4 - Internet connection - AWUS036NEH I plan on integrating my USB GPS.. As soon as I find it. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Doug
  3. Hi, First off, I'm a new Mark 5 user. Please go gentle on the comments. I am trying to connect multiple Alfa AWUS036NEH (3 so far) devices to the Mark 5 via a D-Link DUB-H7 USB hub. All three devices are detected on boot (wlan2, wlan3 and wlan4), but I am unable to task them to tasks like Deauth or Karma etc. When I only attach one device to the hub and boot it up (wlan2), I can assign tasks to that device. Why won't multiple devices work? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Doug
  4. Hi.. Sorry there hasn't been more response. I too have a similar problem. I have a AirCard 770S. Works great as a mobile hotspot and works great under Windows as a tethered USB Internet connection. I am unable to get it to work under any Linux platform. I guess the problem is the USB Drivers and you have to use USB_Modeswitch to switch its mode. I have been very unsuccessful in both of those attempts. Good luck in your search. Doug
  5. Hi.. I'm new to the Mark V and I love it. Is it possible to sniff 802.11a traffic using an Alfa AWUS051NH? It has a RTL2770 chipset. Thanks --Doug
  6. I just got my first Mark V the other day.. But when I was doing my research prior to purchase, I thought I saw something about the ability to connect two Mark V's together via the Ethernet ports for increased functionality. Is this true? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Doug
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