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[Infusion idea] Amazon Nvidia GPU grid/WPA hashing


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Would it be possible to automate a process in an infusion to capture a WPA handshake and send it to the Amazon cloud server to get hashed by hashcat or pyrit?


I imagine you'd have to have the AMI preconfigured, but for working in the field it would be a great tool I'd think.

Just thinking out loud.

Have a good day,


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Or just something that sends the WPA handshake back to a master machine in general to crack it. I'd love to develop this but don't have the money at the moment to pay for aws

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That would be a good idea and have the remote machine email or text the result.

Maybe ftp the captured handshake to the remote machine, and have it set up to check a folder regularly and automatically hash what ever is in there and send the results?

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definitely possible. Me and a buddy were talking about doing pretty much this exact same thing a while ago but with a smart phone not a pineapple. I'll get started working on it. I cant do the aws integration right now but definitely can do the remote host to crack

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This has been a plan of mine [not the infusion part] i like to do things in ruby...

It will be so easy and fun... my plan is for use with a mobile raspberry pi kali install...

I have 4 desktops at home and pyrit already has a simple cluster configuration

this stuff is only a hobby to me so my time invested is minimal.

1 machine benchmark is around 14000psk...

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Few years ago I was experimenting with an EC2 GPU instance for WPA2 cracking.

My conclusion was that it's absolutely not worth the money/effort.

I don't remember the exact numbers, but my own desktop PC with a 6950 was much faster than Amazon.

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