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I have installed freeNAS and I got everything to work except for the FTP; the FTP works from inside the lan but not from the internet, I did set up the port forwarding and put it in the DMZ for testing it and this is how I have it set up on the server


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If you can access it, but it hangs when you try to list a directory or download a file it means you need to use (or stop using... Either way) PASV mode.

FTP uses port 21 for the commands, but will then use a different port for the data transfers. When you don't port-forward those aswell, you need that PASV mode thing to get by.

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I think in fact that like what cooper said, it uses port 21 initially and 20 for data transfer, so you probably have to port forward both.

i actually had a really dumb problem with a D-link router one time

there are seperate security settings in which external FTP connections are disallowed. So I would have to forward ports 21 and 20 + allow external FTP connections (which i think means that ports 20 and 21 aren't blocked)

yea, that router pretty much sucked

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