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ADS-B Raspberry Pi receiver/server with homebrew 1090Mhz antenna


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I've just built a ADS-B Raspberry Pi receiver/server powered by a USB battery pack.

I also made it an homebrew 1090Mhz half-wave dipole antenna. The results are great and can run for about 4 hours with the current battery.

Anyway, have a look at the blog. I'm interested if anyone else has done something similar.


The only thing missing to increase performance is some Hak5 stickers :-)



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It's a bit of a hack job and I'm wondering why you even need so much of a boom for it. I doubt it makes that much difference. With a smaller boom you can put your antenna closer to the radio so you get even less signal loss from the cable. Also, you could place the jug on top of a shed or something if you really do need the height. Maybe put a layer of sand in the jug to weigh it down a bit so it sits a bit more stable.

Still, top marks for effort and of course using scraps and what effectively amounts to garbage to create something useful.

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V nice. I make someone similar with RPi, rtl-sdr, homebrew 1090Mhz half-dipole and dump1090. I was feeding flightrader24.com with data for about 6 months before I found another use for the pi. Love to see these homebrew jobs :)

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What Battery are you using. I've got a 1.3 Ah SLA Battery from maplins, that last for around 3.5 hour's. On a Pi 2 Running flat out on Crunch/Aircrack. At a Guess that be more like 6 hur's ticking over. Run a Pi, and ADS-B.

Also I just use a Car cig power adapter to power the pi, via the battery. Simple and cheap.

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