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My ADSB system that only monitors Military Aircraft

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I've enjoyed the Hak5 shows relating to SDR & ADSB data. I just wanted to add a couple items.

The Hak5 shows were only talking about and showing aircraft that broadcast full ADSB data (that means ADSB data which includes Lat/Long). However for every aircraft you see on the "map" there are at least 10 others which are broadcasting ADSB data without sending their Lat/Long. Most aircraft do not send lat/long as part of the ADSB information. These include all types of aircraft such as commerical, private, and military aircraft.

Being my main hobby is monitoring radio communciations from Military Aircraft in the UHF band (225 MHz - 400 MHz) my primary ADSB interest also are military aircraft.

I've created software that runs on the Raspberry Pi computer (a Linux operating system) and on Windows which tunes the RTL-SDR dongle to 1090 MHz, and only listens for Military Aircraft. When it finds a military aircraft it then sends the data to my website. While there is no lat/long, you can watch the altitude in realtime on a graph. Its neat as you can watch aircraft landing in realtime or doing various missions.

Here is an example of a US Coast Guard Helo working a rescue mission off the coast of Daytona Beach not long ago:


Here an example of the E-4 Doomsday aircraft flying over my area and then landed at Patrick AFB:


I currently have about 30 people around the world using my software to feed ADSB (Mode-S) data into the website, here you can see the real-time data & graphs of the military and government aircraft flying:

the graphs on this page update every 30 seconds.

I also do a ton of listening on the Military Bands using 12+ scanners to search the bands, heres a pic:


If you're interested in what you can really hear (rarely does the miltiary encrypt during training missions) here's a liberary of audio I've recorded from my local area: http://www.milaircomms.com/audio_library.html I've got some pretty funny stuff recorded such as an F-15 pilot loosing his contact lens in flight, F-15 pilot opening a can of Coke in flight (you actually can hear it!) to training missions of AWACS directing fighters to targets.

I just thought I'd share what I've been doing with Mode-S / ADSB since there's been a lot of shows on the subject.


George - Daytona Beach, FL


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Just looked at the shack pic... Duuuuude! I love you already. :grin:

Thanks, it keeps changing and changing...keep buying more radios therefore I need to re-arrange things... just think of all the cabling, that is what is a nightmare!



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Have you ever managed to track the same machine with multiple radios in such a way that you could triangulate?

And cable picks are much welcomed too. I can imagine, but maybe you've found a clever way to tuck things away?

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Oh the cable pics would be too ugly...I don't have any good tricks for that. But just for the scanners, each scanner has 3 wires (Power, Antenna, Speaker) so that is 12 * 3 = 36 total cables and that's just for the Military Monitoring Scanners. Then the Ham Radio stuff is a whole different story...

Here on YouTube I have some videos of the scanners in operation complete with audio. Also some of the Military Digital signals can be seen on an RTL-SDR w/SDR#





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