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Need help creating a very basic and simple linux script.


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Hello there.

I need to get reaver to run non-stop, but I prefer to really use reaver instead of the infusion.

So I need to write a script that will run this command:

reaver -i mon0 -E -n -w -b BSSID HERE -e "SOMENETWORK" -c 6 -a -vv >> reaver.log

I will then get the log infusion to read the reaver.log file.

Basically that's it.

I want it to run from SSH, so I can logout from there and it continues working. So that later I can check the log infusion to see how things are going.

I made one myself, but it stopped working when I logged out of SSH.

Thanks in advance.

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I typically use 'screen' for stuff I want to start on a box and be allowed to disconnect from whenever I want (and even when I don't want, like with an unreliable connection).

Has the benefit that you can reconnect to it again later.

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