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  1. Ok so, I got around to trying this: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/blog/convert-vm-iso And I'm stuck in this: mount -o loop turnkey-core.raw turnkey-core.mount Error: "mount: you must specify the filesystem type" So maybe the VM has partitions. Then I did these two: loopdev=$(losetup -s -f turnkey-core.raw)apt-get install kpartxAnd I got stuck here:kpartx -a $loopdev Error: llseek error device-mapper: resume ioctl on loop0p1 failed: Invalid argument create/reload failed on loop0p1 device-mapper: resume ioctl on loop0p2 failed: Invalid argument create/reload failed on loop0p2 And I have absolutely no idea on what to do now.
  2. Thanks for the help, but I guess that is way too much for me.
  3. That would be awesome. And how would I do that?
  4. Yea, but the thing is that the image is configured in such way that I can't do it, as I do not have the knowledge to do so. So the best way is really to convert the image to an ISO. I just need it as a LiveCD, nothing else.
  5. Can anyone do this easily? I have a Debian image configured and installed for some stuff I desperately need, but I need it in ISO, not a VMWare image. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi guys. So, I have a network that is kind of far away from me, and I have a Yagi Turbotenna. I need to connect to that network, and I need to have some ports forwarded. So I was thinking of connecting to the network with the antenna and my laptop, and forwarding the ports. Then, with the Pineapple, using the Yagi antenna on it forwarding the ports I need on the pineapple. That way I could connect to the network being far away as I am from it. Would that work?
  7. Thanks, but... Like I said, out of my reach. :P What do you guys think of this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/TP-LINK-2-4GHz-24dBi-Long-Range-Parabolic-Wireless-Outdoor-Antenna-TL-ANT2424B-/121200871021?pt=US_Networking_Boosters_Extenders_Antennas&hash=item1c3822866d Also, what's a good adapter I should get? And what cable? I want it to connect directly to my laptop.
  8. I don't have the knowledge or time for that unfortunately.
  9. Hello there. So, I am in need of a new wifi antenna (with USB adapter) and I need some suggestions. Long range is needed. Bought one of those chinese Yagi antennas and it sucks. The best one I have ever had was the TurboTenna, by Dannets. It was expensive, about 100$, but it was a beast. I need something less expensive that can pack as much horsepower as possible. Things as injection and such are not really needed, I don't plan to use it on attacks, but that with be a plus. Thanks in advance.
  10. Just get one of these on eBay. Problem solved.
  11. Nermind - I used nohup command and it's working great, just what I wanted. :)
  12. Hello there. I need to get reaver to run non-stop, but I prefer to really use reaver instead of the infusion. So I need to write a script that will run this command: reaver -i mon0 -E -n -w -b BSSID HERE -e "SOMENETWORK" -c 6 -a -vv >> reaver.log I will then get the log infusion to read the reaver.log file. Basically that's it. I want it to run from SSH, so I can logout from there and it continues working. So that later I can check the log infusion to see how things are going. I made one myself, but it stopped working when I logged out of SSH. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks for the advice, but I'm still stuck.
  14. I think this is a pineapple thing, not related to them. I can connect fine with Ubuntu for example. But with the pineapple GUI, I think it should detect what kind of network it is, and ask for the user and pass. Instead it only asks for the password.
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