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web interface gutted out


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So here is my issue:

Earlier today I attempted to run a firmware update on my pineapple (through the web interface), and something went terribly wrong (it was updating for 4 hours before I finally decided to pull the plug and deal with the damage). Low and behold, the device was bricked!

Being the tech savvy/google-literate person that I am, I did some research and un-bricked the device using the switch method (11110) and the stock 1.2 image provided on the website.

However..... This didn't completely solve my issue.....

The web interface and infusions have been completely gutted out.... (See attachment for visual explanation).

No matter what I try I can't seem to get anything get this interface back up and running again...

Things I have tried:

  1. Updating up to the most recent version 2.0.3
  2. Downgrading to 2.0.2
  3. Complete recovery (again) from 1.2.0 stock image
  4. Factory reset (10011 switch method)

Right now I have SSH to the box and have configured my wifi to allow opkg and/or downloads.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm about 3 hours into troubleshooting this and I'm starting to run out of ideas...? Is there a backup /pineapple directory I can reload from somewhere? Is there some script I'm supposed to run in order to re-download the interface?


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Does that mean it's all working now? From your screen shot, I would have suggested clearing your browser cache.

I just ran into a similar problem. Clearing the cache did the trick for me. Thanks buddy :)

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