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openssh-server login problem


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i just installed openssh-server and openss-client in my leptop... i already installed openssh-server in others computers without any problem... but in my leptop i cant login.... i just edit the sshd_config file permit the login as root but i cant login as root and as the normal user :( sugetstions? thanks

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nope... i mean when i try to login it waits for the ssh password like a normal ssh connection.. but when i but my correct password it doesnt log in i am shure that i put the correct password i tested in my computer terminal, change the password and i still cant login by ssh.... but for some reason last nigth i uninstalled and installed like 10 times and for some reason after a lot of time i was able no login normaly..... so by some magic, obscure power the ssh login is normally back :)

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