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iphone aircrack cracking fail :(


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Hello i recently make a jailbreak in my ios 7.1.2 and installed the aircrack for iphonei see some videos and all of them said to run the code that the aircrack app indicates and the wifi network password will be stored at /var/aircrack/touch.ivs but it doesn't anyone there now how to use aircrack-ng for iphone???

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From what I can understand the Iphone can't capture data and crack the wifi password on it's own. You need to capture the data on a laptop with a wifi dongle that supports monitor mode and packet injection, then put that captured data onto the Iphone and crack it from there with aircrack-ng, which kinda defeats the purpose since you already have a laptop on you anyway.

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Yep. I hate external hardware when using phones, so I went ahead with Samsung Galaxy S II. Using an app called bcmon, I am able to get Packet Injection and Monitor Mode. After that I am free to use Aircrack and Reaver running as apps.
Only phones that natively support Monitor Mode and packet injection are:


GS 1 - CyanogenMod 7

GS 2 - CyanogenMod 9 & 10

Nexus One - CyanogenMod 7

Nexus 7 - CyanogenMod 9

other OS:

Nokia N900 using bleeding edge drivers

I am however having problems using newest version of Metasploit, but that's a totally different topic.

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Yeah i trying to get a Samsung and make root but you now... money money kkkk. Especially here in Brazil where the taxes are like in rich countries like Sweden and stuff but the difference is that in Sweden the people are benefited and here Brazil go all the pockets of corrupt politicians.Ok thanks guys :)

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