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Booting prob. **completely unreliable **


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It just will not boot. (well if its off for a couple days it *might* boot)

MKV 1.4.1

Just a green power LED.

No e-net, no wifi.

With switch 5 set for reflash, still nothing. (network set up correctly)

About to toss in garbage pile.

(I HOPE /PRAY the HackRF on order isn't the same quality.)


Started playing again with the MK5.

Latest/greatest firmware.

It seems to hang after a while (that's *kinda* ok) But if I cycle power, it never finishes booting. Just a single green LED. No ping, no eth0 lights on laptop (nor IP)

Sometimes unplugging for a few minutes helps other times not.



(on a side note, for some strange reason, using it as a router/AP at this hotel that restricts its WiFi to a single device, when the MK5 is working well, it will associate and work, with no re-entering the PW. All devices work behind the MK5. Will see what happens after the PW runs out.)

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