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Pineapple discussed on dutch news radio show


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Dutch radio station BNR (Business News Radio) has a weekly 30 minute show on all things digital. This station is aimed at the average entrepeneur. In the latest one they discuss wifi security issues and how they are exposed by, amongst other things, the Wifi Pineapple. This is a repeat from earlier this year and deemed sufficiently interesting to be re-broadcast in this best-of show. The first time this was aired was last april.

It's the first subject in this show (the first 8 and a half minutes) and the Pineapple is mentioned around 2:45 and again around 7:20. The show is obviously all spoken in dutch.

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Guest spazi

My dutch is not very good, I can barely read it.
However it's funny that there is so much talk about the Wifi Pineapple. Just yesterday I watched a video from a hackercon that got uploaded yesterday, can't remember which one. Wifi Pineapple was mentioned several times.
It's a hit! :)

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I really wish I could understand this.

The WiFi Pineapple was mentioned in a few talks at Toorcamp as well. Most notably in the NSA Playset talk.

We've now submitted out pineapple uav project to the Playset - code named porcupine masquerade.


Well have a technology demonstrator on display at our defcon booth.

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