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Is there anything like Karma that can be set up on a linux machine?


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I like the concept of Karma and want to play with it, but I don't have a WiFi pineapple. I was wondering if there's a way to set up something similar on a linux box. I haven't been able to find anything online as most articles just refer to the pineapple.


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Do you have an alfa wifi card/dongle like the AWUS036H-N?

Yes, I have just gotten the AWUS036NHA in the mail.

Airbase-ng -P

This works for me... -P responds to all probe request... i dont see the need for karma these days

Ah, so the -P on airbase-ng does the same thing as Karma?

What about for instance, if I :

airbase-ng -e 'Free WiFi' -c 1 -P mon0

Wouldn't the probing victims only connect to it if the essid was set to something their computer has already familiarized with in the past? Say, if their computer has never connected to a "Free WiFI" titled AP before, would their computer still connect to it? I was under the impression that karma had a list of potential essids that the victim computer would connect to if it is probing for the specific name, and would not connect if it is probing for an essid that is not within that list. I guess I should look into this more.

Thanks for the responses. Much appreciated!

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I've just read this on aircrack-ng website

-P All Probes

This causes the fake access point to respond to all probes regardless of the ESSIDs specified. Without -P, the old behavior of ignoring probes for non-matching ESSIDs will be used.

Thanks i8igmac for referring me to airbase-ng.. I've got another question now..

Surely, if one's computer connects to an essid that they are not familiar with and that little popup comes up saying, "You are now connected to ____________" the victim would get suspicious.. Can airbase receive the probe requests, mimic the essid that they are probing for to make it less suspicious?

This doesn't really matter as obviously if the victim is home and it says, "Connected to Starbucks", since their computer is probing for Starbucks, they would catch on. I'm just curious if there is anything like this though.

Thanks again hak5. Everyday making me less of a dumbass!

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