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I have a question about edi billing software.


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I know this does not belong in this forum. I looked all over the net no help. This is a medicare billing software called pcace pro 32 Their comunications software is called alternate transfer. Their tech support is no help. They want you to use their own terminal emulator called Alternate transfer. What happens is it will try to transfer the files to the payer. It goes so far and it hangs. I never had this problem with procomm. They have no answers to this problem it is one of those windows errors. I should email them the error from the event log there is no one to email. I asked if I could set it up so I could manually use tera term putty or hyper term after the data was created. They said yes but you have to figure out how to do this on your own. I don't think the staff can figure out how to do it.

There are these text files logon submit receive and so on. It uses a dial modem. We tried three modems. The modem I use is a usr v.92 external. Not a win modem. Any suggestions any one have experience with this. There is very little documentation about this online. Alternate transfer has no documentation. Oh well I guess this is the software the state is making us use.

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Figured one thing out other states are friendlier about this issue. One has a document on how to link hyper terminal to the software. Teraterm will work the same way, but I can get hyper term or terra term for win7. The real question is why don't they support this. Here is the link http://www.edissweb.com/docs/shared/htconfig.pdf I am going to try teraterm I am not friends with hyper terminal. Why do they hide this documentation? grrr

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If this software is such a steaming lump of excrement, why use it? There's a number of alternatives, one of which you already mentioned...

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