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Evil Portal Issues


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I've been having an issue getting Evil Portal installed on my pineapple. Things simply hangup at "installing dependencies". I gave it over an hour and grabbed some food but upon return, it was still hung up. Rebooted, removed the injection, and redownloaded with fingers crossed that I could have it installed in a less than a few minutes, but still no go.

Flashed it and tried again and again but I keep running into this same issue.

Has anyone had this experience?

What are this apps dependencies and can I just install them to bypass the message? (or will it check anyway?)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I got to have some fun with version 1 of this tool on a friends pineapple and was looking forward to checkout out version 2 on my own.

Thanks in advance

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Try clearing browser cache, possibly? Or maybe try from another computer connected to the pineapple

Edit: Issue persists for me but found help here

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