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throwing star ethernet tap


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ohhhhh I thought It would be some type of device that grabs traffic going through the line or something....

Its just a splitter :dry:

Well that's exactly what it allows you to do. It allows you to monitor the traffic going across the line, passively. There's no way for the device on either end of the wire to detect that it's there (short of analyzing the current sag), but you can read or inject any traffic directly on the wire.

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Before the "this pos doesn't work" post shows up. The computer that's listening will need 2 network cards to listen to the whole network stream. One card will listen to the "transmit" side of the stream, the other will listen to the "receive" sided. The tap is constructed so that your machine can't send any data into the stream(so it won't show up on network scans) so both ports have the transmit lines removed. Wireshark has the ability to take two data streams and combine them.

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So lets say that there is a victims computer on a desk and there is a Ethernet line running from the laptop to a RJ45 jack in the wall so if I unplug that and plug it into the star and then run a little 1 foot patch cable to the RJ45 jack and then run another wire to my desk and open up WIRESHARK i can see everything and not show up on network scans this is awesome!!!!!!

And by the way this situation is just in theory

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