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Is a processor upgrade worth it?


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Currently have a couple HP/Compaq NC6400's that have Intel Core Duo T2400, 1.83GHz processors in em'. I'd like to upgrade my #1 to an Intel Core Duo T2700, 2.33GHz processor which would run around $50 bucks but I'm not sure if it'd give me that much in the way of more performance since it'd still run a 667MHz bus. So, those of ya' that are "in the know" on such things, would moving from the T2400 to the T2700 give me much of a boost or would it just be a waste of money? Thanks.

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If u want to feel and see improvements... get a solid state hard drive...

I doubt you will experience any kind of performance increase with the chip upgrade you post

I'm one step ahead of ya' on that. I have an SSD in my #1 NC6400 and in my NC4400 as well. :wink:

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Maybe you should state what you typically do with the machine and where the percieved slowness is. Maybe you just need more ram or whatever.

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