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dusting off the old mK5...

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...and I have a few, probably stupid, questions. It's been plugged in now for about an hour, and is still blinking blue, which is supposed to mean that its flashing. I plugged the ethernet cable in after 5 mins, now the amber light is flashing too. Here's my question : do I still need the SD card in for this to work ? I thought that after the initial install, it wasn't necessary. Also, can I unplug the mK5 even though the blue light is still blinking ? Finally, I once had a mK4, and there was a bunch of stuff that needed to be configured in my adapter settings (win7). If I remember correctly, that's not the case with the mK5 ? Thanks for any help.

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I broke out my new MK5 yesterday and followed the initial boot instructions (insert card, power up). It flashed blue forever. I rebooted it and waited 5-10 min, rebooted it again and voila! Pineraptor latest, and Pineapple working.

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Darren i got a question for you what happens to the firmware on the micro sd after the pineapple is flashed does that firmware remain on the micro sd card or is that firmware deleted off the sd card once the pineapple is flashed.

Cause i heard you need to format the sd card to be able to have infusions saved on it otherwise the infusions are installed to the internal storage :B

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