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Just a Quick Hello

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Greetings from the East Coast of the UK.

Received my Mk V today. Yippee. Started playing but ran into the problems which I will outline in another thread.

For this post, the documentation says we have to register our serial number in order to get support.

Ok fine --- but where do we register the serial number?



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Hello. I must have missed that. What documentation says we have to register our SN for support? What that something specific to the hakshop perhaps? Come to think of it, I don't recall anything related to warranty registration either. I'd like to know if I failed to do something.

Anyway, you can certainly get community support here without your SN, so ask away.

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Hi there..

I would imagine that it has something to do with the wlan0 issue. They are offering "at cost" solutions and I bet it's a way of controlling that. I haven't run into an area where to register your product yet.

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to clarify when dealing with hak5 thru email its best you give your serial number located on the sticker on the bottem

this usally shows them proof of purchase and other info needed for returns or repairs

there is no regestering serial just include it to any emails you send to hakshop for warrenty info

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