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My new PineApple will not boot


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I got the PineApple WIFI two days ago. When first powering the device on it did not upgrade and nothing happened.

I looked at the content of the SD-CARD and it was empty.

So I followed the "bricked" mode flashing instructions and it worked.

So today when powering up the device it did not boot. The following happens:

* Sometimes the green, blue and red LEDs are turned on and nothing more happens.

* Sometimes the green and red LEDs are turned on and the amber LED blinks.

* Sometimes (perhaps 1 out of 50 tries) the devices boots up and works.

I have tried to start it in recovery mode again - but it is the same behavior.

Is it defective?



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Do you have your dipswitches set the right way? ( 1 and 5, first and last) pointed up!? And how did you check the content of the SD card? Tried booting it without the SD card plugged in?

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I read about someone trying to use the charger instead of the power supply, but I have no idea if that would cause your problems. I wouldn't think so, but you might check. They were shipping with defective SD cards for a while, but I wouldn't think that was the cause either. You could try starting over with a new SD card formatted ext4 though. (I replaced mine with a 32GB class-10.)

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