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  1. Dear @Foxtrot. Is there any time-line you can share with us? I would really appreciate a fix!!!
  2. Any news or a time-line for an expected fix on this issue by any chance?
  3. That's great @Foxtrot. Is there anything i could do to simplify this for you ? E.g. gather some logs from the serial interface, testing or anything likewise? I'd be very happy with a resolution, openvpn is critical for my setup. If there's anything i could do, let me know!!
  4. Thank you for pointing this out. I was not aware of this. This issue has been raised long before the end of life though. So a fully functional "final" release before the Nano and Tetra are put to rest would be appreciated. I don't think there's much i can do myself, unless a newer version of openvpn for 19.07Openwrt is released adressing this issue? Other devices running 19.07 however don't seem to be impacted. Not much i can find about it.
  5. Having the same issue on Pineapple Tetra's running 2.7.0. Please check in to this as the issue listed in the release notes for 2.7.0 doens't seem to be resolved!
  6. *BUMP* Updated Several Tetra's to 2.7 today. Experiencing the same openvpn problems as described above. Once the connection is established to Tetra hangs and / or reboots. I would really appreciate a fix for this issue! I really rely on my openVPN architecture to connect back to the Tetra's. Edit: Whoops. Seems searching my problem took me into a Nano subforum. Im experiencing this on a Tetra. Issue seems to be the same though!
  7. Hi! I seem to be having a problem with installing a kernel module on the Tetra. It's running the latest firmware. Installing any other module works just fine, except for kmod-usb-audio. Error: Configuring kmod-usb-audio. modprobe: can't change directory to '': No such file or directory modprobe: can't change directory to '': No such file or directory afterwords its listed als installed program but not displayed when i give a lsmod. any thoughts? I cant seem to find the answer to this modprobe problem on any openWRT related forums. Problem is consistent on more than one Tetra FULL ERROR: opkg install kmod-usb-audio Installing kmod-usb-audio (3.18.20-1) to root... Downloading http://downloads.openwrt.org/chaos_calmer/15.05/ar71xx/generic/packages/base/kmod-usb-audio_3.18.20-1_ar71xx.ipk. Multiple packages (kmod-usb-core and kmod-usb-core) providing same name marked HOLD or PREFER. Using latest. Installing kmod-sound-core (3.18.20-1) to root... Downloading http://downloads.openwrt.org/chaos_calmer/15.05/ar71xx/generic/packages/base/kmod-sound-core_3.18.20-1_ar71xx.ipk. Installing kmod-input-core (3.18.20-1) to root... Downloading http://downloads.openwrt.org/chaos_calmer/15.05/ar71xx/generic/packages/base/kmod-input-core_3.18.20-1_ar71xx.ipk. Configuring kmod-input-core. Configuring kmod-sound-core. Configuring kmod-usb-audio. modprobe: can't change directory to '': No such file or directory modprobe: can't change directory to '': No such file or directory Collected errors: * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for kmod-usb-audio: * kernel (= 3.18.20-1-7bed08fa9c06eb8089e82c200340ec66) * kernel (= 3.18.20-1-7bed08fa9c06eb8089e82c200340ec66) * kernel (= 3.18.20-1-7bed08fa9c06eb8089e82c200340ec66) * * pkg_run_script: package "kmod-usb-audio" postinst script returned status 1. * opkg_configure: kmod-usb-audio.postinst returned 1. If the above errors were only about a kernel version missmatch, please ignore them. The package was installed successfully.
  8. Wondering what info you want to gsther with a normal,bluetooth device? Hcitool scan or hcitool inq will only list devices that are set as discoverable.. I like your detailled progress post... just wondering what you plan to get out of the end result.. And yes! A powered usb hub should do the trick!
  9. Use airodump-ng and write output to csv or kismetfile and call it via a script in /etc/RC.local. Fire up your nano and start walking.....no hardware needed at the scene.
  10. Launch an openvpn acces server (amazon cloud or simular). Install openvpn on your pineapple and let it connect to openvpnas. Do the same from your pentesting laptop... done :)
  11. If you want to be absolutely passive, put the radios into monitor mode and use airodump to log the MacAdresses and probes.
  12. Factory reset! https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq
  13. Logging beacons to a gps location makes more sence than probe requests. Although nice in some scenarios, if someone was to drive, walk, travel alongside with you for a certain time you would get inacurate data.
  14. Airodump can use gpsd to log the coordinates in the csv or kismet file. If you have a gpsd capable device you could have everything you need. You could also instruct gpsd to listnen on the bluenmea port. Should work. Never done it, but google for it.. lots of people using tethered gps into kismet etc.
  15. You could use airodump-ng to log the wireless traffic to textfiles and a pcap. Get your probes from the csv, upload the created pcap to wireshark afterwords. No need for karma tyen.. or do you want to record that behaviour in your capture file?
  16. Correct. You need a hub if you want to use more than 1 USB slave device. Powered if you are going to use devices that drain alot.
  17. Or try putting wlan1 into monitor mode and see of the gui recon mode still works. You could use recon for visual and run airodump on the 2nd adapter... of the other way around or plug in a 3rd adapter.....
  18. Put your airodump command in /etc/rc.local so its executed after boot up. Fire the nano up, wait 30 seconds and do your thing.... For the visual element while walking combine it with " Wifi overview 360 " app on an Android phone... Just an idea..
  19. You could put an adapter into monitor mode and Run airodump to write the scan to a csv.
  20. See the other thread. E173 is not a cdc ether device. Try e3372h-153
  21. Hauwei E173 is not a cdc ether device so will not work like i described above. It will need to go into gsm serial mode. So you need usb modeswitching for this one to work.
  22. You asked to share your ethernet connection, so if you would use the pineapple as a layer 2/3 device an enterprise switch would catch you in the act. If you would set it up as and internet proxy, so application / session layer it could work, but you would lose all other functionality (eg domain functionality etc) to your coorporate laptop. Furthermore, the company could slap you on the wrist (or worse) for introducing a security risk into the network....
  23. Guess you could use macchanger to spoof the macadress of eth0. But if its an enterprise network, the switch you connect to will error disable the port if it detects a connected router or switch and traffic flowing to multiple macadresses on its port if that port is not set to trunk.. So in theory yes.. in your use case probably not if its a proper network.
  24. Please see thread: Down the bottom i posted a working combo on the Tetra. Almost plug and play so no nano "support" needed since it is supported by the OS. Should work on the nano too
  25. That depends who you are aiming for... the standard are omni directional antennas. So if you are looking to get clients all around you, just stick em up in the air... aiming for the coffeeshop across the street? Get directional and point it there! Most PineApp traffic i believe runs on wlan0, the left side.. see above
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