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  1. Factory reset! https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq
  2. Hauwei E173 is not a cdc ether device so will not work like i described above. It will need to go into gsm serial mode. So you need usb modeswitching for this one to work.
  3. That depends who you are aiming for... the standard are omni directional antennas. So if you are looking to get clients all around you, just stick em up in the air... aiming for the coffeeshop across the street? Get directional and point it there! Most PineApp traffic i believe runs on wlan0, the left side.. see above
  4. I would check the Jeep's exhaust and fuel injection System on leakage first before blaming the wifi signals. If you still experience those symptoms visit a doctor or watch "better call Saul". Arthur Mcgill might have some tips!
  5. Guess you got bad antenna's.. most antennas on for example chinese websites are crap! The stock antennas that come with the tetra are good and i get very decent results with them. Maybe try some directonial antennas if range is what you are after. I own a couple of very large directionals wich perform great. A good antenna isnt cheap so if the investment isnt worth it to you dont buy cheap ones but stick with the stock ones!!
  6. You can download and install modules from your pineapple configuration webpage. Select "Modules" from the left. Make shure your pineapple has an active internet connection and install them from there. Enjoy.
  7. That sounds great! If possible, for either module.... a vendor lookup for the AP as wel als connected Clients would be AWESOME and much much much apreciated!!!
  8. Im using a HUAWEI LTE USB Stick E3372 on the Tetra, it works out of the Box. This is a Huawei "Hilink" device, so no need for ModeSwitching or Serial commands. I believe Hilink is the Huawei "name" for CDC_ether. WHen plugged in to the Tetra it creates an eth2 interface. eth2 gets a DHCP adres in the from the dongle. Just set "wan" to eth2 in /etc/network and your good to go. If youré looking for a working LTE device to work with your Tetra, this one works perfectly!
  9. Thanks for this module. I run into troubles becouse i use my Tetra in a different configuration. I have taken all the default network configuration out, and just run it with the 2 interfaces turned off. When i use the tetra i basicly put the 2 fysical devices into monitor mode. I end up with a WLAN0MON and a WLAN1MON. For my use purpose this is perfect. The SiteSurvey Module however doesnt work when running in this config. It SCans but no resuls are returned. Any easy way to fix this, without altering my adapter config? PS. The build in Recon mode does work in this configuration, but SSID
  10. Thanks! Thats all i wanted to know :) Ill be on the look out for your email.
  11. When i start wlan0 and wlan1 in monitor mode i can have both wlan0mon and wlan1mo scanning the 2.4ghz and 5ghz band. Thats good enough for me. IM assuming that both the atheros radios have a seprate antenna connector for 2.5 and 5 ghz. Could someone help me out to what adapter (0 or 1) each sma connector leads to and to what frequency its attended for?
  12. Im not using the Tetra in the classical way :D. I want to interface with the radio's directly using small bash scripts etc. So for me its important to know what wireless interface corresponds with each radio. Also when i want to change my antenna configuration its important to know what interface leads to what antenna connector. So for me its still unclear why i get 3 interfaces... and what wire goes where...?! Firts attempt to getting my LTE dongle to work the Tetra died... :( Seems i also got the 1A walladapters... :( Should i contact aftersales for this?
  13. Recieved my tetras today and just had a quick look. Since the Tetra has 2 dualband radios is was expecting to see either wlan0 and wlan 1, or wlan0 wlan0-1 , wlan1 and wlan1-1. As posted by bored369 im getting 3 logical devices.Can someone help me out, - why im getting 3 adapters, wlon0, 0-1 and 1 for 4 radios? - what adapter corresponds to what radio / band? - is there a schematic what physical antenna sma connector leads to wich adapter? Wille im at it: looking at recon mode it would be great it client/ap macs would have a vendor lookup and display it! Last: i recieved 4 tetras, none
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