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Some advice about my setup

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Hi there,

I just received my Pineapple, flashing went well, I can connect etc. Sharing internet via utp on mac seems to be impossible these days but still. I have a question about my setup and if anyone has the same or tips on how to use it:

1: Macbook pro Vmware Kali linux

2. Extra Alfa wifi card (can monitor / inject)

3. Pineapple Mark V

How would you use this setup, connect is, what would you run on your Pineapple and etc.

I also have a 15000mah power source to bring the Pineapple with me on trips to have some fun ;)

Please advice.

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i would read tons of info on kali and each infusion on the mkv learn as much as you can then you will see its not about the end result its about the fun in finding your way thru on a path of your own

i suggest reading and trying each tool till you find a mixture to your likings

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I've got everything you have, plus some. There's too many variables. What do you want to do to people? MITM, phishing, Randomroll, crack WPS pins, collect 4 way handshakes for WPA networks to run against password lists....

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i can tell you about some experinces just not teach

i use my kali setup running beef and use a mitm ettercap script to hook victim computer then on the pineapple i run karma for more victims and sslstrip for capturing user pass i use artimage for managing my payloads and exploits

this setup works most of the time tho i had to do some configuring to gel metasploit and beef together

something i also do is netcat my log files to my laptop for quick look at them in a terminal window all learned thru forums trial and error

with that said i own many computers to be used as victims as i do not have written permission to pentest my nabors

so i blacklist there mac

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So what i've been doing, running Karma, sslstrip and some other things. People connect, I check the logs all works fine. Now, what would be advisable to use (in Kali for example) to export the log files to and to "manage" them, there is a lot of clutter. I would just like to index important data.

Just a few names of programs will do, the use of which I will educate myself via tutorials etc.

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What are you trying to do with the log files? You say there is a lot of clutter. You're also using Kali?

Nice thing about Linux is the plethora of text processing tools especially suited for log files. Are you familiar with sed, awk, grep, uniq, cut?

I'm not sure your skill level or what you're trying to achieve but perhaps you could find some value from the various tutorials, including http://www.offensive-security.com/metasploit-unleashed/Main_Page

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