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Shadow IM Sniffer

Matt {Undead}

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I have tried to use cain, ethereal and many other packet sniffing programs on my laptop but they never seem to work.

I downloaded a program called shadow im sniffer, installed it on my pc and set it to scan my wireless network card on my laptop.

It didnt work, i added it to windows firewall and to zonealarm but still it doesnt work, whats all that about?

can anyone help me, dunno why its not working but it seems that somethings blocking it from packet sniffing.

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You are going to have to explain in more detail.

Both Cain and Ethereal (Now, Wireshark) both have to be setup to the network before you can start sniffing. Especially if you have more than one nic. It's really simple, however, you can not just open the program and hit the sniff button expecting to see packets on your screen like the matrix.

A couple other questions, are you on a switch? How many other computers are on the network?

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Yes ive installed winpcap drivers but im not sure if my cards supported, how wd i find that out.

I have a belkin wireless router connected to 4 computers, my laptop is also connected to it through wifi.

I decided to install shadow IM sniffer to see the IP addy of my mate, he told me he was on holiday but I thought it was bulls**ting me so i set out to find his ip addy.

So i installed the software and ran the sniffer, it didnt work and i allowed it in windows firewall and zonealarm.

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