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Client mode working only via SSH commands


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As the title , finally with the new awesome 1.4.0 upgrade i get client mode working properly but..It won't work via web interface but only issue manual commands trhough ssh. To make client mode works i've issue:

killall  -2 wpa_supplicant; wpa_supplicant -B -iwlan1 -Dnl80211 -c connect; killall -2  udhcpc; udhcpc  -t 0 -i wlan1 -b 

Any clues on why this happens? Or a quick way to modify script called via web interface to make it work? Thank you in advance!

PS: my wpa_supplicant connect config file is

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From the information given, it is hard to think of why it works via the command line but not the webinterface. Can you set up Client Mode through the webinterface and then check your /etc/config/wireless file? Does this have all the correct information? If not, let us know what is wrong.

Otherwise, if the above file is correct, please run the "wifi" command (while connected over ethernet) and make sure to note it's output.

Best Regards,


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